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    Cabinet Refacing: Where Old Meets New Style

    When considering kitchen remodeling, one of the most common questionsiswhether to replace the cabinets.Regardless of kitchen size, new cabinets can cost upwards of 50% of the total budget. Therefore, even if they can afford new cabinets, many homeowners are left wondering – is it justified? Can a kitchen be remodeledwhile retaining an older cabinet? It can!Although original cabinets may be old, they aren’t weak. Kitchen cabinets are built for longevity, and as long as they are not completely broken, cabinet refacing may be a useful alternative to entirely new installation.

    Cabinet refacing involves installing a veneer, usually wood or laminate, over anexisting cabinet exterior. Refacing is not as exhaustive or as long of a process as installing new cabinets and can often be completed in 3 to 5 days. Cabinet refacing experts can also custom-make a cabinet unit, front, shelves, and drawers, allowing you to choose from thousand of styles. Finally, if you’re tight on budget but still want to add style, refacing can serve as a cheaper alternative that is on par with new cabinets, allowing you to add to the look of your cabinet while hiding any flaws that may have been visible.

    One question that always arises with cabinet refacing is whether it serves as a permanent solution.Every cabinet has a lifespan, and durability does decrease over time through regular wear and tear. Luckily, refacing uses a single or double lamination process both inside and out, adding a final layer of natural wood or veneered laminated surface. As a result, refacing can add years to existing cabinets, perhaps more years than the newer cabinets due to refaced cabinets’ heavily guarded interior.

    In summary,all kitchen cabinets can be refaced, provided that the cabinets are well built and functional. There is no reason to tear apart good furniture to install a newer similar cabinet. So, before a full kitchen-remodeling, consider cabinet refacing.

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