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    How is updated App Store affecting to iOS app developers and publishers?

    Apple’s announcement of the redesign for its app store in June has created a mix feeling among iOS app developers. Some are seen hopeful as Apple is changing the design of a decade old app store while many are anxious about what impact will be poised by these changes. Still, the majority of individual iOS app developers and companies say that changes seem to be for good because they can make the ratings of their apps better if not worse. But in all considerations, such big update naturally receives a lot of buzz from the iOS app development community. 

    Here are the changes that developers are experiencing with redesigned Apple’s app store: 

    Finding apps would be easier than ever

    When looking into the App store deeply for how apps generate revenue, you would recognize that apps deserving the most buzz for their usefulness do not often get the best discovery but the apps that become popular in a shorter period receives the most limelight. This is why many people cannot know about the certain useful apps because they mostly remain unknown and undiscovered. 

    But the latest update to the App Store will let developers deal with issues and their apps be discovered. There would be an Apple editorial team choosing apps to show up in feature-lists and various chosen categories based on the quality of apps. The store will use card based system to showcase the best apps of each category. These featured cards include Sneak Peak, Apple of the Day, Major Update, Now Trending and many more. With this new system, finding apps would be easier than ever before. 

    Optimized product page

    Another best thing is the optimized product page offering detail information about the apps. The new, updated App Store has value added previews, localization app-details, and new text fields. 

    Far better search function

    Apple is making better search functions for its new App Store which will make user-driven app discoverability better than before. Now users would easily find apps enhanced search. The result will also include detail layers of information like in app purchase, app developers, rating and other apps from the same publisher or the app connected with similar editorial remarks and stories, tips, etc. 

    Meet the Editors’ choices

    For the new App Store, Apple seems to decrease its dependency on its so-called machine algorithms. It has brought in its editorial team, instead. The app will deliver an editorial experience to users for making their user-experience better than before.

    Ratings revamped for the better

    There is no messing with app rating because of the new App store. In fact, ratings have improved. Unlike previously when app-ratings were meant independently for each different update, they are now considered together with all subsequent updates. This will help developers increase the frequency of sending updates as doing that does not affect the previous ratings. 

    James Stewart is a marketing manager at Mobilmindz, a prominent mobile app development company which provides Android and iOS App Development services across the globe. He regularly writes for mobile app trends, mobile technology topics.

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