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    On Demand Legal Services

    It’s not like you need a lawyer, only when you’ve got into a trouble, lawyers are essential to law-abiding society as people would need their assist sooner or later. They’ll be useful with the taxation, post-marriage consultation, negotiation issue, estate management, a simple contracting and much more. But can an individual handle all above cases with proficiency?
    Gone are the days, when you were supposed to contact your town’s common attorney for every legal issue, you’re meeting experts now. They’re advancement of the older form of attorney, they’re specialist in one area, who also carries a good PQE (post qualification experience) score. 
    So wouldn’t it be nice, if you could find many specialist lawyers at one place like you get specialist doctors in a hospital? To your good fortune, law firms of today are providing ‘On Demand Legal Services’. They’re employing specialized lawyers of different genres, who are ready to assist in both in-house and on-site counseling.
    Services you can expect
    Usually, on-demand legal service provider keeps a webpage, which explains the potential client about their working model. Every legal service that you expect from a lawyer can be availed by these upgraded law firms. And apart from the lawyers, these firms stress on overall quality, they employ skilled office clerks, for the error-free documentation. Additionally, they do employ chartered accountants and secretaries to cover up all the extent of the corporate side.
    If you’re planning a new business, on-demand legal service firms can assist in the journey with their combination of legal+financial experts. They’d assist in the documentation procedure before acquiring the incorporation license till the audit of the annual statements. Other than that, all the conventional services are available, the commons are:
         Drafting general contracts
         Equity and trust
         Real estate management
         Work contracts
         Employment & HR services
         Immigration issues
         Lease and licensing
         Merger and Acquisition
         Corporate governance
         And much more!

    Since they provide on-demand legal services, lawyer fee depends upon many factors. But the straight answer to this question would be, ‘they charge cheaper than the conventional law firms’. Good news for you, eh? If you’re curious about them charging lower than the conventional law firms, the answer is simple, competition and marketing!

    In the present scenario, when there are hundreds of firms already in the market and another hundred emerging every decade, you can surely expect lesser cost with this new trend, and we’re sure that you will find one as they run their operations on a wider network – ‘the internet’, there are plenty of the options at our fingertips. Indeed, the older firms may provide on-demand services but they’d charge twice as much since they get the benefit of their goodwill. 

    Ongoing services

    On-demand legal assist providers will be happy to retain their clients for ongoing operations. This gets easier for the clients too, as they wouldn’t have to submit another set of documents to another counsel, our all-new class of law firm works on the model of ‘know-your-client. That means, records are being maintained and the client wouldn’t have to worry about document finding as well as taxation and auditing arrangements.

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