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    Tips For Pruning Plants For Your Home Garden

    Winter is the best time to prune the trees, if necessary, since being at rest will lose less sap. It is a simple operation, but it is necessary to know where and how to cut. If in doubt, better to consult before submitting an exemplary operation irreversible consequences.

    Selectively removing some branches of the tree's growth and can give more force to the structure. Pruning also serves to prevent too dense foliage that prevent light from reaching uniformly to all parts causing uneven development of the specimen. It also helps to stimulate flowering and fruiting.

    The best time to prune trees is winter, when they are at rest. It is essential make cuts in the right place and are as clean as possible. Tears and use dirty or rusty tools can impede healing and promote the development of diseases.

    Choosing the right type of pruning

    There are several techniques to carry out pruning, to be applied depending on the age of the specimen and the effect you want to achieve.

    • The pruning is done during the first years after planting. The aim is to guide the growth of the tree for a structure of strong and well distributed branches and place the cup at a certain height from the ground. It also serves to create a certain contour, for example on trellises. This type of pruning is particularly suitable for fruit trees, as it encourages increased production and facilitates harvesting.

    • Once the tree is well formed, it is sufficient to perform a maintenance pruning, which is to remove undesirable elements such as dead branches or at risk of breakage, stumps, pacifiers ... or just rinse the cup of excessive foliage and shape.

    • Sometimes you have to resort to drastic measures to restore vigor to a tree pruning. This technique, known as pollarding, is to make severe cuts to one or two centimeters from the main trunk. It is also commonly used to control the growth of trees in small spaces. But before embarking on this exceptional pruning it is necessary to know which species tolerate it well and heal quickly. If in doubt it is key to consult an expert; in your garden center will know advice.

    How is pruning

    The cut should be at the base of the branch but always above the neck, ie a few centimeters above the junction with another branch. In addition, the pads have to be at a distance of at least five millimeters cutting. The incision should be diagonally when there are alternate buds along the branch and straight when the buds grow to the same height of the stem.

    If the specimen is medium or large, it is necessary to climb to the top to prune is imperative to wear a safety harness. In that case, it is best to entrust the task to qualified personnel.

    What tools do you use?

    • The hand shears or loppers, handsaws more manageable than are indicated for smaller branches. They consist of a cutting blade shaped curve and another that serves as a support. Scissors one hand are used to prune branches of about 20 millimeters in diameter, and two hands to cut stems of 30 mm onwards. The long handles two-handed pruning shears save a lot of effort.

    • Saws and pruning saws are necessary for pruning thick branches. There are many kinds depending on their size, type of tooth, the thickness of the body (rigid or flexible) and shape (curved, straight or folding) sheet. It is essential that the teeth are perfectly sharp. You may also use mechanical saw by chainsaw reviews.

    • The gardener knives or blades are used to finish certain cuts of thick branches that are not clean with other tools. Its curved, sharp blade favors a net and precise cut.

    Back care while pruning

    If pruning the area is high, it is not wise to tiptoes trying to stretch to reach the branches. It is best to use a ladder or stepladder to stand at the level of what you want to cut: the work area must be between the chest and eyes. If possible, it would be best able to support his left hand on a wall or support shoulder height. You should try to flex the elbow of the arm that works.

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