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    Use Instagram to Give Your Marketing Campaign a New Boost

    If you are a digital marketer residing in 2017, you are already keeping a keen eye on your Instagram profile. If not, you are missing out on a whole new world of marketing activity that is probably leaving you behind already. In case you have not yet started working on your Instagram business strategy, the best time to start is today!

    Instagram gives you one of the easiest and one of the most powerful platforms to carve your own brand identity. It has long stopped being another option for social media marketers to reach out to the hipster audience. It has become a mainstream digital marketing necessity since an entire world of new Instagram followers are just waiting there to hear you out.

    Why is Instagram the #1 social platform right now?

    One more reason, more people, both sellers and buyers are turning to Instagram is the top-notch UX. The app keeps evolving to make room for more user-friendly features. From easy in app search systems and hashtag guides to new Instagram Story features that are ideal for highlighting a brand, these features help the sellers as well as the buyers to find each other. This image-heavy site offers a simple, yet perfect UX that compares to no one in the present market.

    Snapchat is almost taking its last breath, and we know that from Zuckerberg’s efforts to keep Instagram on top. Right now, thanks to its new features and filters, Instagram has close to 4.2 likes per day, 95 million photos and video uploads per day and this gives you the opportunity to attract the attention of thousands with the help of just one post if you can use the correct content.

    What is the right content for marketing on Instagram?

    First, find a sound content strategy for your marketing campaign. Start with a product centric content design that includes images and accurate descriptions of your products. Use the correct hashtags. Take help from hashtag suggestion tools, if you are running out of new ideas.

    Now, if you are on Instagram long enough and you are not looking forward to launching new products, go with user-generated content. It can be as simple as organizing a photo contest or a comment/title contest for one of your old photos. Make sure the users mention your brand and use designated hashtags to yield social links.

    Secondly, schedule your content. You may need to post one picture or video daily, but that does not mean that you have to sit in front of your laptop editing and posting daily to maintain a deadline. Just get a software system to automate the posting process for you. Pre-schedule posts for weekends, holidays and rush hours when you won’t be around.

    Thirdly, do not forget to add a CTA. Your ulterior motive is to monetize your profile. Unless you guide your users towards a buying decision, the entire act of maintaining an excellent account on Instagram becomes pointless.

    Instagram marketing strategy for 2017 is a simple one. We are trying to keep Instagram ads and promotions aside for the bigger brands since they involve some money. Start with the free features Instagram has to offer to all sellers and users, and then we can move on to the paid features that give your brand an edge.

    Author bio: Harris is a leading blog writer and online marketing specialist with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings.

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