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    What Is The Best Diet For Your Fitness?

    I am sure, on more than one occasion, you have wondered what the best diet is. We live in a society that seeks to achieve results as quickly as possible. And before this scenario, the urgency of getting a diet that helps us to achieve it in an eternal way is quite great. But of course, can we really know which diet is the most useful? Let's dig deeper into this topic.

    What is the best diet for Runners?

    It is not an easy question to answer, because as you will see, there is no such person, so not all diets will have the same effect throughout the world. It is very important that we take these considerations into account, because if you raise the issue well, if there is a universally good diet, could people with diabetes or celiac disease do it? Or people with other types of particularities.

    Without wanting to enter into such technical aspects as blood plasma, and what influences when absorbing certain nutrients, indicate that not all metabolisms work the same. And not only must that, but also depending on the activity and goals of each, different diets be made. Or, do you think that the diet of a bodybuilder in volume stage that weighs 130 kg should be equal to that of a 59 kg girl who wants to lose weight? Neither the amounts nor the nutrients should be the same. Not to enter into supplementation, which as you can imagine is quite different.

    But, is that the difficulty of defining which is the best diet for runners, does not end here. The issue is not that we should follow a nutritional model as if it were the Catholic commandments, because as a general rule it is more important to play with the macros. In fact, the famed norm caloric diet usually varies in amounts over the course of the week. That is, it oscillates with a number of calories orbiting near maintenance.

    In addition, the nutrients they incorporate tend to vary constantly. That is, the best on Monday to eat there is salmon, a spinach salad, and two pieces of fruit. And the following Monday, rice, chicken and a handful of nuts are eaten.

    But, also the percentage of the quantities must be taken into account. In the usual diets that are usually recommended by specialists, macronutrients are usually not fixed, but vary in amounts. What do I mean by this? A basically, you should not consume an exact 55% of carbohydrates, but they play with variable forks. Depending on each of the diets, it varies markedly. So, I cannot give very specific guidelines in this regard.

    So what is the solution?

    The solution is that we must adapt our diet based on our characteristics and goals. Therefore, I strongly recommend that those who do not have high knowledge on the subject, go to a specialist in the field. A dietitian and / or nutritionist will help us find the best diet based on our characteristics and goals.

    And, it is an investment that will not only help us look better, but it will be healthier. It will analyze and monitor our results, ensuring that we do not mess with the choice of different nutrients that may not do us any good. And, especially, a specialist will make us achieve adherence to the diet. Undoubtedly, this is the key point by which diets end up working in the long run. Otherwise, we will live in an eternal rebound effect that will only aggravate our state of health.

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