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    5 Reasons for Investing in E-Commerce Mobile App Development

    Developing a mobile app for your e-commerce business is not an option anymore, it is a necessity. Thanks to the exponential growth of smartphones and cheaper data prices, millions of people use smartphones these days and it is their preferred device for online shopping. Also, the familiarity with the mobile wallets and digital payment systems has opened a new door of possibilities for the merchants. People don’t hesitate to store their money in mobile wallets anymore and they enjoy the convenience of paying for a product instantly from the virtual wallets. If you own an e-commerce business, then here are some reasons to invest in mobile app development.

    Personalized user experience: Any customer loves to get “exclusive special offers”. Mobile analytics tools can be integrated into your e-commerce mobile app to keep an eye on user behavior and buying patterns. Based on that data, you can send customized promotional offers to individual customers through push notifications. You can even send weekly mails to inform each customer about the deals and discounts.

    Better brand loyalty: Website traffic comes from search engine results and PPC ads, but mobile app traffic comes from those people who are really interested in your brand. If someone has installed your app on his smartphone, then it means he is seriously planning to buy something, unlike the web users who land on a web page from search results and then abandon the website within seconds. You can start a loyalty rewards program to retain the loyal consumers and also offer discounts to new users for increasing the customer base.

    Ability to use smartphone features: These days, smartphones are manufactured with lots of inbuilt features and your app can take advantage of these features to offer a unique user experience. For instance, the mobile camera can be used for scanning the barcode of any item instead of typing the product name in the search bar. The phone’s microphone can be utilized to interact with the app for searching the favorite items. The social media apps can be integrated into the e-commerce app so that people can easily share their shopping choices with the friends and get instant feedback. If you are planning to develop a mobile app for iOS or Android, get in touch with the app development companies in Mumbai.

    Smooth customer care service: You can embed a chat facility in the e-commerce app so that instead of calling your business during office hours, customers can chat with the customer care executives anytime they need. Chatting reduces miscommunication significantly. For instance, the order numbers are generally very long and if a customer has any query about his order then he can simply copy/paste the order number in the chat box instead of saying the digits one by one over a phone call. Also, you can have a FAQ section in the app to answer the most common questions. Product reviews written by loyal customers save your time and money since people prefer genuine buyers’ feedback. You don’t need to hire sales executives because these reviews will sell your products much better than a pushy salesman who is not trusted by the potential buyers.

    Improved conversion rate: When you have a dedicated mobile app, it is easier to influence your target audience’s shopping choices. For instance, you can embed product videos to help customers understand how a product works. The high-resolution images and zoom-in facility convince the customers about the quality of your products. One touch “add to cart” feature reduces the time spent on shopping. The option to store credit/debit card details make their shopping a hassle free experience. All these exclusive facilities of a mobile app boost the conversion rate.


    Developing a mobile app for multiple mobile operating systems will certainly cost you a lot of money, but at the same time, it can be said that you will get a huge return on investment. A dedicated e-commerce mobile app will help you connect with the Gen Y customers and ensure the long-term success of your business.

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