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    Best Metals for Men’s Wedding Bands

    Gone are the days when wedding rings would all look the same. Men’s wedding bands come in various different materials and colors these days, and the variety is incredible. When purchasing your ring, it is a good idea to make an informed decision regarding the metal it is made of, as this will determine the entire look and feel, and should resonate with your personality.

    For decades now, gold has been the number one choice for making wedding rings and bands. The bright yellow color, luster, and value of the metal are huge deciding factors and make it an attractive option. It is the most malleable pure metal, is dense and soft, does not rust, and has a very steady value; all this means it is one of the best options out there to commemorate your precious relationship.


    Recent years have seen a big boom in the popularity of platinum bands. It is a valuable metal with a steady value, can be crafted into elegant, minimal, and sophisticated rings which last lifetimes, and is as malleable as gold. You can never go wrong with platinum. To know more about platinum wedding bands, click here.


    Wedding bands do not need to be exorbitantly priced to be beautiful and durable. One such solution is a titanium wedding band. Titanium is among the strongest metals used in jewelry, is extremely durable and low-maintenance, and looks quite wonderful. Even if you wear it every day or get into crowds or scuffles, it will likely be unaffected, and any dirt that might have accumulated can be cleaned off with a standard soft jewelry cloth.


    Yet another popular low-cost metal is tungsten. Famed for their strength and durability, tungsten wedding bands have been a huge hit of late. They are ideal for men who get into a lot of intensive work with their hands, as tungsten bands do not bend or stretch at all.

    They are 4 times harder than titanium and as much as 10 times more solid than 18 karat gold. You might, however, be put off by the weight of the piece, because tungsten is denser than most metals and its strength comes at a trade-off for weight. These robust bands might not be your deal if you aren’t comfortable with heavy jewelry.

    Stainless Steel

    A rather unlikely addition to the list, stainless steel is used for making wedding bands as well. People don’t really consider it one of the more valuable metals, though, which is why it isn’t very widely used.

    That said, it is a fantastic budget option, and the wedding bands crafted from it look very impressive too. There are next to no issues of stains, scratches, or smudges, unlike gold and silver rings which must be handled with care.


    Men’s wedding bands come in a diverse array of designs and materials. You will invariably be spoilt for choice in the shopping process, so it doesn’t hurt to make some decisions beforehand. Deciding on the material early on will help you limit your pool of choices and streamline the decision-making process greatly.

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