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    Buying a Used Luxury Car? Some Crucial Factors to Consider

    Buying a car is a big decision. It takes a lot of money and demands regular expenditure on maintenance. One of the greatest dilemmas faced by buyers is whether to go for a brand-new, commuter or a used luxury car of your dreams. Undoubtedly, an Audi, a Mercedes-Benz, or BMW parked in the garage is a dream. However, there are certain aspects one must consider prior to making the final choice.

    The decision isn’t tough to make if you are really a luxury car lover. Consider the situation of spending around Rs. 15.5 lakhs (New Delhi price) for a 2012 BMW 3 Series 320d diesel sedan. Now this car may have roughly done around 51,000 kms. You may even buy a 2012 Premium Sport limited edition Audi A4 2.0 TDI. This might have done somewhere close to 48,000 km. This will be priced at Rs. 17.9 lakhs. Now this sounds like an awesome deal. You may get such deals through automobile news in Hindi online. These websites offer the latest news on cars and many such deals.
    Here are a few essential details that may help you make a smart choice:

    Used Luxury Cars

    The Pros

    Climb the High-Class Status Ladder

    Undoubtedly, a luxury car speaks for itself. So once you own it, there’s no need to make efforts to prove your accomplishments to the society. This car is a luxury badge that does all the bragging and talking on your behalf.

    Features that Make You Feel Special

    The love for luxury car is unwavering for a car aficionado. After all, it comes equipped with premium components and powerful features such as multi-zone air conditioning, powered seats, panoramic sunroof, and in some even a massage feature. Enjoying these comforts at the same price as the normal ones are certainly a great deal!

    Amazing Driving Experience

    The adrenaline rush experienced while driving a luxury car is simply unmatched. The dynamic accelerator and potent engines promise you a drive you would kill for!

    Lose Less Money

    Cars tend to depreciate a lot in value. Luxury cars are no exception. They also lose a significant amount of their market worth. Hence, when you buy a used car, its value has already dipped considerably. So if you decide to resell it in future, you won’t lose a lot of money.

    Reliability Element

    Luxury cars are crafted to outclass in the reliability element. Experts claim that a normal car can bear serious wear and tear post running 1 lakh kilometres (under ideal conditions). On the other hand, a luxury car will easily cross that mark smoothly.

    The Cons

    Maintenance Costs

    You may get a used luxury car at throw away price. However, this does not mean that the maintenance comes easier. Premium cars are expensive to maintain. The fluids demand regular topping up and the spare parts are very expensive. For instance, the average service cost of a BMW 3 Series (320d) sedan is anywhere between INR 25,000 and INR 30,000. This is abnormally higher as compared to that of a Volkswagen Jetta Diesel. The headlight assembly of BMW will cost anywhere between Rs. 1.5 Lacs–2.0 Lacs.

    Finding Spare Parts is Tough

    In case, your model is discontinued, you may have a tough time finding spares. Luxury cars have no mass-market. Also, there’s less demand for these. So once the manufacturer stops producing the model, you’ll have a tough time finding spare parts.

    No Local Service Stations

    A luxury brand will not have a service station everywhere. Since the car is equipped with complex features, you cannot service it a local or unauthorized service station. You need to take out ample time and money each time the car demands service.

    Takes Time to Adjust

    It takes some time to adjust to the driving interface. You will find it a little complicated to drive a luxury car as compared to the regular one. With multiple driving modes to select, you may get confused. These cars come equipped with the regular automatic transmission and paddle-shifting gears which are mounted on the steering wheel. This isn’t easier to handle. Some of the features such as park assist may take a lot of time to get used to. 

    Fuel Efficiency

    With a luxury car, forget getting an answer for ‘mileage queries’. A bigger and more powerful engine would suck up the fuel. Additionally, a car that’s not maintained well and/or serviced regularly will experience a further dip in fuel economy. 

    Final Thought

    Being a car enthusiast and having aspirations for a luxury brand, the new-car feel of any normal brand may not appeal to you. Here, you would not mind living with the flaws of a used luxury car. In fact, you will love power and luxury it tags along. 

    The idea is to be watchful when buying a used car. Take your time and do some research or else you will end up buying a faulty car. Study the points stated above and make a sensible purchase.

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