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    Facts That You Need to Know about Mercedes

    There is hardly anyone who hasn't seen a Mercedes zipping on the roads and not wanted one. Be it the beautiful exterior or the smooth drive, Mercedes has made its place in the hearts of young and old alike over the years. Mercedes has definitely manufactured a number of cars pertaining to the luxury loving audience over the years, but it has also manufactured cars belonging to the other categories.

    One fact that most of the people have to deal with is that Mercedes can be expensive to purchase. That is one of the reasons why people prefer to go for used car models. Going for pre owned Mercedes e class helps you save a lot of money.

    It is a company which has given a series of firsts to people, including the first diesel car! Surprisingly, the car had only three wheels; yet it was really successful. That car was equivalent to today's Mercedes E class in that day! Even though Mercedes put a stop to the car's production, you can still find this beauty in the Mercedes Benz Stadium.

    Initially, the design of the logo was supposed to have four stars instead of three. Each was supposed to represent a particular element; these elements were land, water, air and space. But they dropped the fourth star that represented space later on to give birth to the legendary logo of Mercedes that we see today. It also created the first self driving car back in 1995! Most of the other car manufacturers have recently come up with self driving cars whereas Mercedes has been on the top of the game since the start.

    Most of the people are aware of the fact that the term “Benz” has been taken from Karl Benz, but hardly few know where the term Mercedes came from. Emill Jellinek was a very famous car racer who liked naming things after his daughter that is where the term Mercedes originally came from. Karl Benz was awarded the patent for the first automobile termed as “Motorwagen”. Even though he was financed by his wife, she couldn't apply for the patent due to the fact that she was a married woman.

    Mercedes was also the first car to use anti lock brakes. They used them for the first time in the year 1978, and have been using them in every model of theirs ever since. It also has four disc brakes, one for every wheel. So just in case one of the brakes was to fail, you needn't worry about your safety as the other ones would keep you safe. Mercedes cares a lot about the posture you sit in. To manufacture their seats for utmost comfort and health, they consulted the best orthopaedic physicians. This car has multiple features that would make you want to book pre owned Mercedes e class online.

    No matter what you consider to be the utmost priority in terms of cars - the safety, the comfort, or the looks. You name it, Mercedes has it. Mercedes has captured a large share of market since the day it launched and it has never failed to please its owners. This car is the perfect experience in every sense of the word. It has the perfect car for every person. If you are a person who loves cars with beautiful exteriors, or a person who wants the perfect car for his huge family without having to compromise on the looks;

    Mercedes has you covered. The cars manufactured by Mercedes are the perfect amalgamation of style, comfort, safety as well as class. Every element of this brand screams the word class. What are you waiting for? Go book your Mercedes now!

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