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    Few things that siblings enjoyed doing together in their childhood

    There are amazing relationships on this Earth that define the existence of humans and make them a “social animal”. The sibling relationship is the one that is filled with mixed emotions like care, love, concern, jealousy, protectiveness and others. You may have fought, tease and have numerous arguments with your brother or sister but still, you both can’t live without each other. Here are the few things that siblings love to do with each other during their childhood days.

    Building sand castles together- Everyone would agree that they loved creating sand castles with their siblings while playing in a garden or on a beach side. It is one of the most loved activities that used to bring a wonderful sparkle to the eyes of any gender be it a boy or girl. Why not relive this special moment together and send a sand castle as one of the amazing gift ideas for brother on Bhai Dooj. It will definitely be a memorable gift choice for him and will stay close to his heart for a lifetime.

    Involving in the paper art and craft- Even today the sight of paper aeroplanes and boat brings the old good memories of our childhood to the forefront. We all have enjoyed flying our paper airplanes in school classes, home and other places. Make your Bhai Dooj celebration truly special for your loving brother by offering him wonderful origami art made from colourful papers as Bhai Phota gifts for brother that will easily bring the mischievous child on the display again. It is time for a different celebration this time.

    Demanding gifts from their loved ones- One of the remarkable memories of our childhood is demanding gifts from our parents and loved ones on every other occasion. You have treasured a stock pile of childhood gifts that were showered upon by your family members, relatives and other loved ones. If you want to enjoy the days of childhood again, you and your sister should take out all their gifts that were offered to him/her on various occasions. This will certainly be a special feeling and make you feel nostalgia without any doubt.

    Scribbling on the walls, notebooks and other surfaces- Those were really special days when we used to create little art masterpieces on walls, notebooks, carpets and other surfaces through colourful pens, pencil and crayons. You can frame an old scribbling art by your little sister and can offer it as Bhai Dooj gifts for sisters in order to make her feel special. She will be thrilled by your creative gift choice and it will be something extraordinary for her.

    Stealing candies and chocolates from the jars- Children are usually fascinated by the sweet colourful candies, jellies and chocolates that are too visually appealing for them. You remember the old days when you used to steal candies and chocolates from the jars on the kitchen shelf along with your adorable sister. Then, you both used to share the prized possession together and it was a real fun activity for both of you.

    So, try to imitate these small things again with your grown up sibling and rediscover the old joy again in a seamless manner.  

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