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    Salesforce Health Cloud – Marking Salesforce's Success Entry in Healthcare Domain

    For many years in the past, sales and marketing have been the bread and butter of Salesforce, but now they are branching into other domains too. The latest in line is the new cloud platform that is custom tailored for the healthcare providers, and it is designed to simplify the process of managing patient data.

    Focusing more on helping healthcare facilities to manage users and relationships, the latest Salesforce Health Cloud offers healthcare providers a complete overview of each patient and connects them to a wider caregiver network. The ultimate goal of this healthcare cloud suite is to help the providers take smarter and accurate patient care decisions.

    Salesforce in healthcare

    Salesforce was into healthcare domain from its beginning by helping organizations in the healthcare industry, offering medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, and other medical supplies. On the go, the organizations also started using Salesforce's software for handling patient data, and they tailored the system to devise plans for their specific needs.

    The familiarity with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and other mandatory legal compliance for healthcare services, and the expertise gained by working with the health sector have made Salesforce think of catering to healthcare facilities and practitioners on a full swing.

    Built on the robust Service Cloud of Salesforce, this new Health Cloud is a comprehensive SAAS (software-as-a-service) application suite, which is the first of its kind from Salesforce and second of its kind industry-specific product from the provider. Enabling Salesforce healthcare validation, the company aims at modernizing the capabilities of healthcare providers to let them meet the changing expectations of the highly tech-savvy new-age consumers. This comprehensive suite also focuses on enabling better coordination between the providers and allows a more personalized approach to patient care.

    Catering to comprehensive needs of healthcare sector

    When it comes to healthcare IT, it focuses more on the three Rs such as revenue management, records management, and relationship management. The Salesforce platform offers comprehensive and integrated data on patient demographics, health and lifestyle information, current health conditions, medications, appointment schedules, and diagnostic evaluations. The data is populated from a variety of sources including diagnostic devices, wearable devices, lab reports, and electronic medical records.

    An easy to manage dashboard and customizable metrics will help the healthcare providers to stay focused on what is more important and not to miss out even the minute details of patient care information. The providers can access, sort, and interpret data on the go. For example, an instant ‘Timeline View' can reveal the progress of a patient through the course of treatment while the ‘Patient Caregiver Map' will highlight the other people such as household members, specialists, and providers involved in patient care.

    More importantly, the Salesforce healthcare cloud platform can also automatically alert the caregivers about handling time-sensitive issues such as missed appointments or critical drug administration. Close conversations and efficient collaboration are also made possible through the social networking tool called ‘Salesforce's Chatter.'

    The new Salesforce Health Cloud will also help healthcare providers and others involved in patient care be compliant to the healthcare standards such as HIPAA with the support of Salesforce Shield. A few the other main features include Platform Encryption, Field Audit Trail, Event Monitoring, and Data Archive.

    Author Bio:

    Lucy Jones is a Salesforce researcher and blog writer at Flosum.com. She used to offer service to many clients as an implementer. She also used to post Salesforce articles on many of the leading blogs to help the users and administrators.

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