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    Scary pregnancy symptoms that require immediate medical attention

    There might arise several common types complications during pregnancy. But the expectant mother should not get panicked at the thought of it. Rather, she needs to be knowledgeable about the different issues and how it is to be tackled and give birth to a healthy baby. At the same time, there is a genuine need to visit the qualified and experienced physicians of regular checkups and follow their advice. 

    The medical experts will continuously monitor the expectant woman right from the time of conceiving the baby to final delivery.

    Symptoms of issues during pregnancy
    • There is commonly experienced pain when carrying a baby, besides the backache, cramp and labor. However, mid to upper abdominal pain is something not usual along with heavy vomiting. If pain is not caused by tummy bug or indigestion, then it will be essential to check up for pre-eclampsia or food poisoning.
    • The person may feel hot due to extra weight of the body. However, if the temperature is found to be high and feeling feverish, then medical advice is to be sought besides taking prescribed safe medication during pregnancy.
    • Impaired vision of any type if experienced is not normal. Eye issues which last for over two hours will mean having to visit the physician immediately. Even the same goes for puffy eyes and face, swollen hands and swollen ankles.
    • Implantation may cause bleeding, but not accompanied by pain. It generally takes place during the early months of pregnancy, when embryo gets linked with the uterus to break through. But, bleeding is not to take place. If pain persists, then it does require immediate checking. Pain if found to be one-sided within the abdomen may mean ectopic pregnancy. Miscarriage will also mean bleeding. Placental abruption, Placenta praevia during the later months might cause bleeding. It means, the placenta now has started to separate from uterus wall or premature labor.
    • Prior to the 37th week, if fluid is lost by vagina, then it can be sign of premature rupturing of membranes. In such a case, the woman is to be admitted immediately into a hospital for potential premature birth.
    • If there is noticed a sudden urge to consume plenty of water, combined with no or small amount of urine, then gestational diabetes or dehydration is to be blamed.
    • Infections might occur in the urinary track. The symptoms are pain or burning sensation when urinating. The other possible symptoms can be shivers, backache and high temperature.
    • The woman also might faint. But then it can also be due to hunger. What is required is a well balanced, highly nutritional timely diet.
    • Pulled ligament may cause low abdominal pains on both or either sides. Ectopic pregnancy can be much more sinister along with premature labor and miscarriage. Side pain is linked with fibroid degenerating, while experience placental abruption or bleed into itself.
    It will be necessary to take the medical expert prescribed pregnant care drug on time to ensure doing away with the symptoms and to experience safe delivery of the baby.

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