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    Top Reasons Why Bhagalpuri Sarees are a Must for All?

    Bhagalpuri sarees, especially the silk ones are an epitome of classicism rooted deep in tradition. The nine-yard-drape is known all over the world owing to their regal luster and charm that never fades away. The saree is produced in Bhagalpur, Bihar, hence the name called Bhagalpuri saree.

    The city is also known as the silk city owing to the large production of this traditional ensemble. The ensemble has a huge fan following and loved by women of all ages. There are several reasons why women love this couture more than anything. Here we bring you some cool and fact-instilled factors that make it a must-have wardrobe essential.
    It’s the core production of the city

    About 200 years ago, the city of Bhagalpur was the house of skilled artisans. They had the knack of producing special kind of silk. It’s their skilled work that gained this place so much popularity. On the world map, the city is known for its silk production and sarees.

    Uniqueness and Different from others

    Unlike the dying technique of other sarees, the process of Bhagalpuri silk saree dying is quite different. It keeps them apart from others. It is not like a regular art silk saree you find at any other place. The plain saree is tied and died in a special way that retains its true charm. That’s the reason it is famous all over the world even in USA and other countries.

    The reason behind its success 

    Bhagalpur city has more than 35000 skilled weavers with over 25000 looms. Every year it creates about 100 crore business and that’s great for feeding the families of skilled artisans. Around 1 lakh people are involved in the process of separating silk from the shells of cocoons. This makes it a larger producer of silk in India.

    Favourite of fashion designers
    Bhagalpuri silk saree whether plain or decked is now an important part of a fashion designer’s couture. More and more fashion designers are coming up with new yet fresh ideas to inchoate the silk in their creations. They have introduced varieties of ensembles made of bhagalpuri silk.

    Whether you are an office going woman or college going girl, you will always find reasons to rock this ensemble. It has become a rage all over the world; still there are people who are unaware of the charisma of this beautiful saree. The fabric is rich and sturdy that you can pass on from one generation to another. All it takes a little care to let it serve you for years to come. Every Indian store is selling bhagalpuri silk sarees as these are cheap and high on quality.

    From embroidered to simple, plain, and zari studded, you can find this saree in a variety of designs. Even, there are colour combinations and different shades to choose from! It’s the right time to update your closet and add this shimmering yet stunning saree to the collection. Go get one for you and drape it around to show your ethnicity.

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