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    A Brief About Label Printers- Type, Applications, And Perks

    Label printers, nowadays are a perfect business partner for both shopping malls and manufacturing companies to print self-adhesive labels, peel-off stick, and other advertising stuff in no time with minimal cost. The difference between a regular printer and a label printer is, the later option works on special feed mechanisms to handle stock or tear sheets.

    They, typically, have a tiny sensor fitted in them to detect perforations, notches, or lines between labels, even if, they are continuously operated to print labels. This abstains the print location from shifting its position and to ensure that the print hits the target zone by letting the printer to align and adjust to give off the best prints.


    Some of the popular applications of a label printer are supply chain management, fixed assets management, retail companies, blood and laboratory specimens, and lastly, shipping labels. All these employ the diverse label materials, such as paper and synthetic polymer.

    Types of Printer

    Today, there are two models of label printers in the market, and they are direct thermal and thermal transfer printers. The later ones use heat to heat up the ink onto the label for a long-lasting print. Then, they transfer the images onto the labels, with the help of an ink ribbon, with the prints having a matt finish.

    On the other hand, direct thermal printers, they use paper, which is sensitive to heat, with the results obtained can last up to a year before the process of fading begins. But, keep in mind, great exposure to sunlight or chemical vapours often augments the process of fading. This type of printer is perfect for short duration applications, like printing a large amount of printing shipping labels. This will print images onto the label by employing a thermal print label.

    The thermal transfer label printers typically come with three grades of ribbon, which are either wax or resin or their combo. The ribbon act like a chemical resistant to prevent scratch and best for coated and synthetic labels.

    Why buying a label printer is worth every penny?

    Buying a label printer is always a non-brainer option, compared to getting your prices from business labels prints for high prices from a third party agency. While big businesses, requiring bundles of prints will probably manage the cost of professional companies, but of your company, only some hundreds or a few thousand labels to be printed then, in that scenario doing your own printing with label printer is worth every penny.

    Easy to Use

    A printer, which can print a complete variety of labels, right from printing CD labels to shopping stickers, it is typically user-friendly to operate. You just to obey the manual instruction that comes packed with the printer, or you can also surf the YouTube to check some videos to gain confidence when using the printer.

    When choosing a printer for your business, it is fundamental to compare a number of brands, pros, and cons to make the final decision of purchase.

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