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    Explore some of the more offbeat beaches in Goa

    Mention Goa and the first things to strike your mind are the fantastic beaches, sand and sun. Goa is a charming place any time of the year and it has been able to maintain its unique identity, despite the large tourist population it welcomes every day. While there are many famous and popular beaches that are on the list of every tourist, a few unknown and secluded beaches should be ideal if you want to get away from the crowd on your next trip to Goa.

    Velsao Beach: This mesmeric beach is quite close to Dabolim International Airport and the Goa airport taxi you hire can take you there on the day of your departure from this beautiful city. The entire sea-front is strewn with white shells and tiny star fish. A stroll on this clean and serene beach is a wonderful antidote for the stresses of life. Velsao Beach is the perfect place to lounge at while watching the waves come and go. Carry a book to read while relaxing under the shade of coconut trees along the shore, and grab a quick nap too.

    Butterfly Beach: Situated to the North of Palolem Beach, this beach gets its name from the large variety of butterfly species that are found here. The beach is surrounded by dense forests, so trekking through them is one way of reaching here. Also, you can walk all the way to Butterfly beach after reaching Palolem Beach using a vehicle from one of the many car rentals in India. This beach is isolated and you can have it to yourself without the maddening crowd bothering you. Try to reach here in the early mornings so that you can watch crabs, sea cucumbers and sea urchins in action under the beach’s clear waters.

    Galjibaga Beach: South Goa is home to this fabulous beach that attracts hundreds of Olive Ridley sea turtles from December to February, as they lay their eggs in the clean and soft sand. It is a perfect location to sunbathe, swim and lounge on its silver sand, without a worry in the world.

    Kakolem Beach: Known to be one of the most isolated beaches of Goa, Kakolem is also known as Tiger Beach and should be your destination if you want to stay away from the crowds and the city’s hustle-bustle. This is South Goa’s most guarded secret as this tiny beach cove is not frequented by the usual tourist population. It can be reached by hiring a motor boat from Cabo de Rama beach. The breath-taking views it offers are simply unparalleled.

    Cola Beach: This amazingly gorgeous beach located in South Goa, truly redefines serenity and beauty. It will take a couple of hours to drive from Panjim to reach here but the effort is surely worth it. It is recommended you book a comfortable Savaari taxi because of the travel distance. The only sound you will hear is of lashing waves and seagulls and is definitely an experience of a lifetime for most visitors who come here.

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