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    Here’s a Look into the Latest Trend in the Vaping Industry

    Vape pens are the latest emerging trend among all vape users. Everyone is talking about them and everyone is using them. A Vape pen, otherwise known as a vaporizer pen is a type of an e-cigarette. Its size can range from a large cigar to a regular pen. They are generally used by smokers to inhale heated vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol (also called e-liquids) and blow out the smoke. The flavors of these e-liquids range from mint, menthol, fruits, tobacco etc.

    The keywhy reason vaping has gained so much popularity is that people believe that it will help them to quit or reduce smoking. Its main purpose is to protect the smokers from all the dangerous chemicals in cigarettes while giving them the enjoyment and the hit of nicotine. Vapes are also very beneficial for people around smokers because vapes eliminate the risks of second hand smoke. Out of all the options out there, the vaping is considered as the healthiest, safest and a risk-free alternative for cigarettes in the market.

    A standard vaporizer has three main components. One is the e- liquid which is a liquid cartridge that is used to produce smoke. Another component is the atomizer which is a heating element that helps to heat up the liquid. This atomizer is powered by the third element which is a rechargeable battery.

    How Safe are They?

    Even though it is common belief that vapes do not directly harm the user’s health, the truth of it is unknown. One thing is that there are no solid scientific studies proving any benefits or disadvantages of vapes. So, any information that we have on vapes are either assumptions made by users or baseless marketing gimmicks made by manufacturers just to sell their products. So, we still don’t have proper concrete evidence to know whether vape pen are actually harmful or not. Even though users believe that vaping is healthier than smoking nicotine or TCH, vaping is not a completely risk-free option. It does have significant disadvantages.

    On the other hand, since these are pretty new, no one has used them for a long time. So, we don’t know the long-termeffects of vaping. Therefore,  we will have to wait and see whether the actual effects of these vapes are harmful or not.

    However, we are not completely blind going into this debate. We do have some information that we do know about vapes. Some studies have recorded certain potentially harmful substances contained in the cartridges of e-cigarettes. These substances include genotoxins, animal carcinogens and irritants. These constituents can create very serious health risks. Furthermore, once vegetable glycerin and propelyne glycol are heated they can create carcinogenic substances such as acetaldehyde and formaldehyde.

    Surprisingly, current rules and regulations do not require manufacturers to fully disclose the ingredients used in the e-liquids they produce. Therefore, most often, users have no idea about what kind of products they are inhaling. So, more disclosure on the products used in these e-liquids can help us to analyze the benefits and the disadvantages of vapes better.

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