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    How to attach a separate visor to helmet

    In recent times an open-faced motorcycle is not that much famous.Because people are more concerned with the safety rather than style.Therefore, they are looking for the identical products which can give them safety as well as comfort with the improved design and high quality.

    To complete this wish majority of the motorcycle riders are attracted towards helmets with the visor so that they can protect their face and eyes from the dust and debris. For people who want to use a visor, but do not want to purchase a new visor can separately attach the visor to the helmet.

    The Sleelbird pivot kit can be useful if you wish to attach a visor to your helmet. But adding a visor is not a good idea.  As the process can weaken the helmet structure and it can cause harm to the inner structure of the helmet.

    Make sure you are doing this process carefully, otherwise you will end up with destroying the helmet completely.

    The Process of attaching visor with helmet

    1. Drilling:  This process is not at all safe for the open faced helmet. To attach the visor to the helmet firstly, you have to make holes in which you can attach the visor. Helmet Hole can be made by the use of a drill. However, drilling can destroy the integrity and structure of the helmet.  But if this is the only option you have to do the process carefully with the help of pivot kit, so that you do not break the inner lining of the helmet. As inner protection of a helmet plays the significant role in the safety aspects of the helmet.
    2. Attaching the visor: There are two types of visor available in the market. One is with the fixed screw and another is with the flip up movement. Before purchasing the visor make sure which type of visor you want for your helmet improvement. If the visor is a flip type it will be having a pivot screw with it.
    These screws can lock in the place and provide a smooth movement to the visor.Another visor that comes with the fixed screw does not allow you to flip the visor. After screwing the visor at the defined place check its movement. Ensure it should be secure and smooth. Placed of the screw is important as if the visor screwed at the wrong place it can create a visibility issue. Though for the best results, make sure you are placing the visor in the perfect place to provide clear visibility.

    There are so many brands available in the market those deals with the face shields/ Visor of the motorcycle. As per the market research, people do not like to modify the helmet by adding visor instead people like to purchase a new helmet.  The reason is crystal clear as additional visor can weaken the strength of the helmet. With this weaken strength helmet will not work well if faced the outer force. 

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