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    The steps before using a proofreading service

    The proofreading is a defense of last line for all the quality control in online and print publishing that you can take from any proofreading services. You need to be sure to conduct a deep and thorough proofread of all the publication or documents before they go for printing and are distributed and for all the web pages, before they go online. But even before you proof, you need to edit too. There is no use of expending time and all the effort to check for all the minor typographical errors till the final stage of editing is completed. The proofreading services offer the proper organization of the documents, syntax, appropriate tone, style and grammar of the document before the document is finally laid out.

    Stakeholders must read all the edited versions before laying out and submitting the requests for the revisions during the stage of editing the document. If there is anyone other than the editorial staff who need to see the proof, remind that person that there are only minor changes that should be made at the point.
    • USE A CHECKLIST: You need to create a list of some really important things that you need to check for, such as the areas with some problems like agreement of the nouns and the verbs. With that, the agreement of pronouns and the antecedents and also, the number style.
    • FACT CHECK: You need to check and then double check all the facts and figures and also the proper names. If there is some information that needs to be inserted in the original document at the last minute, you just need to do the omission properly so that no one forgets to do the omission and add the last minute information that needs to be inserted in the original document.
    • SPELL CHECK: Before you go for proofreading a printed document, you need to spell check the electronic version to find all the misspellings and the errors that you or anyone can make frequently like omitting a quotation mark or closing parenthesis.
    • READ ALOUD: Reading aloud the text during the stage of editing is going to improve the chances of noticing the minor errors especially the repeated words or the missing words.
    • FOCUS ON ONE LINE AT A TIME: When you are going to proofread the printed documents, use any page to hide the lines following the line you are proofreading and shifting the paper as you keep going. This is going to help you to keep focus on one line at a time.
    • ATTEND TO FORMAT: Proofreading is not all about review of the document. It also adheres to some specifications like page numbering, relative fonts, sizes, column alignments and other features like subheadings, headings, footnotes and captions any much more.
    • PROOFREAD AGAIN: Once you are done will all your revisions of the content, again proofread the document with thoroughness because there can be some insertions or deletions that are just off the line court.
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    Amit Jaiswal is a digital marketing professional & Blogger. He writes articles for different categories such as SEO, Digital Marketing,web promotions, mobile marketing,  proofreading services, e-commerce solutions,business and so on.

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