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    What you have to know about truck accident law

    The most logical assumption is that trucks are much larger than average vehicles, so when accidents happen, they can result in long-term injuries and damage can be problematic. If you were injured by a commercial truck, there are some legal information that you have to know.  

    State-Federal Laws for Truck Drivers 

    The trucking industry is regulated by state and federal laws that created standards that all drivers and trucking companies must follow. These laws can easily determine who is responsible for an accident. The two primary agencies regulate commercial truck accidents: FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) and DOT (Department of Transportation). The federal regulations are sealed, but each state contains its own DOT that regulates intra-state trucking. 

    In case that your accident was related with semi-truck, commercial vehicle or big rig that haven't followed regulations that were applied to their work, company and driver is responsible for your injuries. There are many regulations that truck drivers must follow: 

    Commercial Driver Licenses 

    All drivers of large trucks and other commercial vehicles have to follow state statutes and law on commercial drivers. In case that driver is involved in an accident, that could affect your legal case against driver's employers and driver. 

    Driver's rest 

    According to law, every driver of the commercial vehicle cannot drive more than usual. He has to take a rest after few hours. In case that driver didn't do that and he afterward injured you in an accident, you can choose truck accident lawyer that will easily pursue your interests and settlement. 

    Maximum Weight 

    The maximum weight is based on the size of a truck. For example, the single truck must carry up to 20K pounds, and two-axle up to 34K pounds. When you overload truck that could be dangerous for both drivers and other people around. Therefore, you have to determine who was in a truck during the accident and how much weight he had, because that could affect the investigation and your final settlement. 

    Quality Control of trucks

    All commercial vehicles have to be regulated in both repairs and manufacturing in order to ensure quality control. There are federal laws on air brake systems and if any component of the truck was disabled or problematic and that caused the accident, that you have to find a lawyer and claim the supplier, manufacturer or repairer of the truck. This particular idea is widely known as product liability. 

    Hazardous Waste 

    Every truck driver that drives Hazardous material has to follow safety regulations developed by OHMS (the Office of Hazardous Material Safety). In case that a trucker didn't follow these guidelines and as a result you were injured, you have to consider finding an attorney that will help you take a claim against him, or employer. 


    Protection against commercial truck drivers are big so that means that in most cases truckers are guilty, however, you have to find a reliable attorney that will provide a claim for you. That is mandatory if you want to get what you need.

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