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    17 Entrepreneur Business Startups That Cost Less Than $100

    Do you dream of being your own boss? If so, money may be the reason you put off starting a business and pursuing entrepreneurship. Your dream can become reality even with a limited budget, though, when you consider 17 startups that cost less than $100 to launch.

    1. Consultant
    Use your expertise in any field to work as a consultant and help other people succeed. After you narrow down the type of consultant services you will offer, create a resume, set up a website, buy business cards and begin sharing your business with people who will benefit.
    2. Social Media Marketer
    Almost every business uses social media to grow and retain their customer base. Open a social media marketing company and help clients maintain their Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or LinkedIn accounts. You simply need a website and social media pages that showcase your expertise.
    3. Fitness Trainer
    Share your passion for physical fitness as you help clients achieve their fitness goals. Meet clients in your home or theirs as you offer weightlifting, yoga or running training. The only supplies you need are your sneakers and equipment.
    4. Home Companion
    A home companion performs light housekeeping duties, assists with errands and offers companionship to disabled or elderly clients. Assemble a kind attitude, reliable transportation and advertising as you start this business.
    5. Virtual Assistant
    If you’re organized and attentive to detail, you could create ads, email clients, collect data and perform other tasks. A virtual assistant business requires a computer and webcam, reliable internet connection and telephone, resources you probably already own.
    6. Personal Chef
    You already prepare meals for yourself, and now you can cook for others, too. Create gourmet meals, gluten-free entrees or ethnic cuisine for clients in their homes. Start-up costs for this entrepreneurship venture include your ServSafe certificate and advertising costs.
    7. Blogger or Vlogger
    Companies understand that they must engage their customers online, but they may not know how to blog, vlog or create videos. You can provide this valuable service from home with your computer. Create a resume that showcases your abilities, then contact potential clients with an engaging content proposal.
    8. Professional Organizer
    Share your talent for organization as you help clients create neat and tidy living or office spaces. Consider joining the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals as you build your reputation and attract clients.
    9. Event Planner
    Organize all types of social, business and networking functions as an event planner. If you prefer, you can specialize in certain types of events such as children’s birthday parties, corporate fundraisers, weddings or entrepreneur networking events. You simply need to put your networking skills to use as you source providers such as meeting locations, caterers and advertisers.
    10. Graphic Designer
    Create flyers, logos, advertisements and other graphics with your computer and editing software. You will need a stunning online portfolio as you market your services.
    11. House or Pet Sitter
    Give clients peace of mind when you open a house sitter or pet sitter business. The only requirements are a trustworthy character, reliable transportation, printed flyers and word of mouth advertising.
    12. Personal Shopper
    Running errands, buying groceries and shopping takes time, and many consumers would prefer to outsource these activities. With a reliable vehicle and time, you can work as a personal shopper or specialize in grocery delivery, holiday shopping or corporate gift services. Consider signing up with Task Rabbit as you build a reputation and your business.
    13. Tutoring
    A tutor assists students of all ages in mastering academic subjects such as science, math or English or in learning skills such as ballroom dancing, guitar playing or boat repair. Offer your tutoring services online or find clients when you connect with local schools, childcare centers, homeschool organizations and community centers.
    14. Online Retailer
    Turn your like-new possessions into cash or consign other people’s items on commission. You can sell everything from books and clothing to furniture and electronics on eBay, Shopify or Marketplace. To get started, you’ll need a high-quality camera, computer, shipping materials and space to store the items you plan to sell.
    15. Childcare Provider
    Work as a childcare provider or nanny if you love children. In addition to advertising, you need childcare clearances that typically cost less than $30.
    16. Copywriter
    Create web content, e-books or print content as a copywriter. You can also write resumes, product descriptions or advertisements with your home computer.
    17. Translator
    Schools, social service companies, doctor’s offices and other companies may need translation services as they communicate with clients. If you know a second language, including sign language, work as a translator. Your only expense is advertising.
    Pursue your dream and entrepreneurship when you start one of these 17 business ventures. They require plenty of hard work and skill but cost less than $100 and are an affordable way to build a successful business.

    PJ Taei is the President of Uscreen, and he has helped over 1000 customers monetize finance videos online.

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