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    Auto Attendant Tasks And Features For Virtual Phone Number

    Every business owner, who wants business phone number, wants all needed facilities at effective rate. With each passing day, technology is becoming more and more popular. With advancement of technology, many new features are also added in virtual phone number. Some of latest and necessary features which are in built in virtual phone number are listed below:

    ·         Conference calls
    ·         Call history
    ·         Call recording
    ·         Toll free
    ·         Customer greeting
    ·         Call forwarding to any device
    ·         Multiple extensions
    ·         Call queues
    ·         Voicemail
    ·         Transcription
    ·         Port existing number
    ·         Free talk up to 100 minutes
    ·         High quality sound
    ·         Permanent reports
    ·         Dynamic task management
    ·         Use your existing phone
    ·         Auto receptionist or auto attendants
    ·         Mobile app for both android and iOS
    ·         Black list call routing
    ·         Visual call flow configuration
    ·         DND status
    ·         No extra hardware needed
    ·         Email request
    ·         Twitter and facebook messages

    Call auto attendant is one of most needed and amazing quality which is present in virtual phone number. If you are busy and not able to pick the incoming call on your virtual phone number, then auto attendant feature will work automatically. Effective benefits of auto attendant are given below:

    ·         A professional look to all type of business
    ·         Call processing cost will be reduced
    ·         Customer may have better experience
    ·         All incoming call will be managed effectively

    There are many tasks which auto attendant will do and you do not have need to hire more employees. Tasks which are done by auto attendant are described below:

    ·         Greet all customers who call
    ·         Self service is maintained for all customers
    ·         Less involvement in call handling
    ·         Calling customer will get related information automatically on their phone number through text message
    ·         Forwards the call to a group, an employee, voice mail and playback purpose of the call which fulfill all business rules.

    If you are staring your business and do not have sufficient amount of money for investment in calling facility. Then, you can download any application from google play store which is completely free. There are number of applications for virtual phone number. You should have to download which has highest ratings and reviews. Side liner and grasshopper are two top rated applications used for virtual phone number.

    ·         Sideliner

    This app allows you to choose local area code number so that you can call without roaming charges. Sideliner is another free number for your smart phone that enables you to connect for freelancers, small businesses, entrepreneurs or anyone whom you want to give quick response.

    ·         Grasshopper

    Grasshopper is a cloud phone service that allows you talk and send message on your mobile devices with the simplicity of an app. You can add a second phone line, or tablets and computers, or complete business phone system, to your mobile phone using new application for your business which is grasshopper. Grasshopper is an IP-based phone service. Some unique features for using grasshopper are:

    ·         Choose any number
    ·         All-Inclusive Plan
    ·         WI - FI calling
    ·         No contracts
    ·         Port your existing number

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