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    Easy to cook vegetable recipes

    People are very busy these days. They hardly have any tome to cook elaborate meals at home. But that does not mean that they should stop eating homemade foods. There are many recipes which can be easily done at home and it takes not even half an hour to cook them. So, if you really want to cook some delicious dishes at home then you can always try these recipes which are not only good to taste but also healthy to eat.

    Love to eat vegetables and trying to find new ways everyday to cook them? Well, no problem in that. Hunt your nearby super markets and pile up the seasonal vegetables available there and experiment with some lovely recipes which can turn out to be a delicious meal or a dinner.

    Whole wheat pasta with mushroom sauce

    When you are very tired post work and do not want to cook at all after returning to home find the easiest dish you can cook and fill up your stomach. You can actually take not more than 20 minutes to cook some whole wheat pasta and a creamy mushroom sauce add some lovely taste to it.


    Indian vegetable curries are of endless varieties and this one is just a variety. This is a hot favourite in the chilled nights of winter. Potatoes and tomatoes are the two ingredients which are always there present in the kitchen.  Add some mild spices and a dollop of butter to make this dish taste delicious.

    Tamarind Rice

    This one can be great stomach filler when you are in a hurry and have almost no time to have lunch. This dish has wholesome rice and a tang of tamarind. One can add chanadaal and peanuts to make the dish more filling.

    Jeera vegetables

    Any kind of vegetable dish is good for health as they are fresh and has lot of vitamins. Here one can mix carrots, spinach and potatoes and cook well with cumin seeds and it tastes really well.

    Southern style okra

    Ladies finger is the main ingredient in this cooking. Here it is flavoured with a lot of mustard seeds, coconut and jaggery and then it is cooked very lightly. This goes very well with chapattis and rice.

    Mediterranean watermelon salad

    This is a very healthy dish for those who are extremely health conscious. Here fresh and leafy vegetables are used and with a base of olive oil. The fruit that is used is watermelon and one can add cucumber and tomatoes with that as well. The entire salad is dressed with olive oil and mustard. If you want, you can also add some slices of bell peppers.

    Veg Kothe

    This is an Indian-Chinese snack which can be prepared with a lot of vegetables. Go for fresh vegetables when you cook this and all the vegetables remain crispy with a lot of flavours when the cooking is done. To get Veg kothe recipe in Hindi, one can refer online website or cookery books.
    Cook these delicious dishes at home.

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