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    Line Marking - What Are Different Types of Paints That Professionals Use?

    Line marking is required for many purposes. Many line marks surround us. We often come across a lot of markings and symbols on a daily basis. For example, you shall find yellow slanted line marking at the parking region of the street. You shall find zebra line marking on road crossing. Line marking can be found at playgrounds.

    They are used for various other purposes. For drawing different types of lines on different surfaces, one needs to know about using the right kind of paint. If you want to choose the best line marking paints, you have the following options, as discussed in the below section of this piece of writing.

    1. Permanent Marking Fluid

    This type of line marking paint has been used quite extensively. As the name implies, this type of paint has been used for the permanent line. Though paint claims to be permanent, it may not stay permanent. However, long-term solution is undoubtedly assured. The durability of paint depends on different factors. The most important factor is weather condition. In humid or wet weather conditions, the paint does not give satisfactory durability. However, in normal conditions, durability is as long as you would have expected.

    This type of paint has been used for marking lines on the streets. The paint can also be used for marking lines at the car parking area. Both public and private parking space can use this marking paint. For indoor parking space, it is difficult to use the paint as the indoor environment is often noted to be quite moist. This type of paint is available in different shades or color options. Right from white, yellow and black, you shall get many vibrant color options. For excellent line marking visibility from a long distance, choosing vibrant colors is recommended. The paint can be sprayed or applied with a brush. You can visit here to know more about this type of line marking paint in details.

    2. Aerosol Cans

    For line marking on concrete or tarmac surface, you can use this type of paint. The paint is available in cans. The application is simple as well as hassle-free. Quality of paint varies from one manufacturer to another. Based on the quality of the paint, durability also varies. Choosing high-quality paint will surely fetch durable painting solutions. The paint also works well in humid conditions. Though painted on concrete starts fading out within a few months. Thus, regular painting is recommended.

    3. Zoning Paint

    You shall find two type of zoning paints in the marketplace. One is hard surface zoning paint, and the other one is for soft surface or normal surface. For line marking on a grass field, zoning paint has been used. It is to be noted that hard surface zoning paint should be used for painting indoor playing area surfaces.

    Zoning paint is intended for seamless and easily visible marking. Durability is not a matter of concern here, as no one looks for durable painting on the sports fields. Zoning paint is also available in different colors. This type of paint is applied by spraying. However, the conventional method of applying paint with a brush can also be chosen.

    Hopefully, with the guidance provided above you can now choose the kind of line making paint you require!

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