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    Tricks To Repair Your Car Paint Peel Off In A Few Steps

    When the paint peel comes off your car, it looks awful. And rightly,so. Moreover, when the paint gets peeled off regardless of whatever reason it might be, the metal is now prone to rust and can then spread to the other areas of the car you treasure so much.

    So, this needs repair such that a minute paint peel off does not lead to a big headache for you and for others in the family. The good news is that car paint repair can be done by you without the need of sophisticated tools and equipments or professionals at the absolute comfort of your home. You can well ensure that the rust does not cover other areas of the main body of the car and cause you any further agony.

    Let us look at a few tips on how to repair your car paint all by yourself:-

    Firstly, you ought to get rid of any unwanted particles that there may be stuck to the surface of the car. You can remove these particles either with your fingers or with the help of a pair of tweezers. Make sure you wash the area affected after you do this. Tweezers are a good enough equipment to help you get hold of small bits of debris that get caught in the paint. Also, you must make sure that the paint is not coming off while you are removing the debris because this could eventually lead to a big chip.

    After you are done washing the area around the chip, try putting some alcohol or enamel reducer to clean the area once again. This should get rid off any grease in the area that might make painting difficult. Then, rub the chip softly so that you do not contribute to any further peel offs.

    Next, apply primer to the area. You can buy  primer at any large automobile retail store. The primer that comes in a small bottle with a brush, should be applied in a very small quantity. Use primer to a point that is effective. The primer coat should be good enough so that it elevates the height of the paint in the area and you should be able to see the difference. If you have applied more primer than what is actually required, wipe off the excess immediately. Before moving over to the next step, make sure the primer is completely dry. This is that car paint repair trick which is the most important.

    Next, apply the paint after the primer has dried off completely. Make sure you use a brush. Touch the paint with the brush instead of stroking it up and down. Do not apply too much of paint.

    Make sure the paint has dried off completely before repainting the area again. This will take some time, so be patient.

    Finally,  make sure you wash and wax the vehicle. Wax the entire vehicle instead of only the part you applied paint on to. After waxing, see to it that the new shine matches that of the entire car as compared to the area you put paint on. Feel the difference now!


    To make your car look like new and not a shabby one, these car paint repair tricks are sure to help you. Try these tricks step by step and give your car a brand new look.

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