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    Bone marrow transplantation is needed in bone cancer treatments

    Bone marrow is a spongy thing which is actually a fatty tissue inside the bones. These create red blood cells which carry oxygen and other vital nutrients in the body. It also creates white cells which can fight outer infection inside the human body. Marrow also creates platelets that actually forms clots inside the body. This bone marrow also creates white blood cells which can fight infections and platelets whose function is to see that the blood flowing in the human body does not clot. If one is looking for best bone cancer treatment in India, then bone marrow transplant is definitely one of them. This is used to treating those cancers which affects the bone marrows. Bone marrow transplant is also needed when one is affected by Leukaemia which is another type of blood cancer.

    This transplantation actually treats the cancer cells very intensively and enable the donor cells to travel to the marrow which in turn will produce blood cells and try to make the body more immune and strong which they already lack due to the disease.

    But before the transplantation is done on any patient, they need to go through some high doses of chemotherapy and sometimes radiation as well. This actually destroys all the faulty stem cells present in the bone marrow. It also suppresses the immune system of the body so that it cannot attack the new stem cells after the transplant is done.

    When a patient faces chemotherapy it can weaken their infection fighting system of their body. Their immunity system gets weaker than the normal human beings. So the body fails to fight back the regular virus and bacteria attacks on the body. That is why; the body remains open to higher infection attacks.  Most patients receive the anti bacterial and anti viral drugs for a year after the transplantation take place.

    But bone marrow transplantation is not a very easy process to face. For that one needs months or even years of preparation. First of all one needs a donor who will provide stem cells for the one who is suffering from the disease and need the transplantation. Once the donor is confirmed, then the patient has to go under a few chemotherapy and radiology sessions so that their body can be prepared to take the procedure of bone transplantation.

    There is allogeneic cell transplantation is mainly done to elderly people who do not have a very strong health condition. Here the pre transplant condition does not work very well on the patients as they have poor condition of their body organs. But reduced allogeneic stem cell transplantation may work on their body and give them some relief.

    One can get best treatment for bone cancer in India in the cancer specialty hospitals. There one can get proper surgeons and doctors who can provide proper treatments and also the needed tests are done to find out at what stage the disease is. Then they decide on whether the transplantation is needed or not.

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