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    CIGNA: HealthFirst Elite Medical Plan and Additional Benefits for 2018

    CIGNA is one of the best health insurance services provider in Hong Kong. Many are intrigued why CIGNA is very popular not only in Hong Kong but all over the world. There are many health insurance providers, but this has definitely made it to the top ranks even until today.

    CIGNA HealthFirst Elite Medical Plan is one of the best offers of CIGNA. This is the plan that offers 2018 comprehensive medical insurance HK. They cover medical insurance worldwide without any lifetime limit. It can provide you with up to HK$23.8M annually. They would be able to assist you with unexpected expenses for you to be able to get the best medical treatment and services.

    HealthFirst Elite Medical Plan

    HealthFirst Elite Medical Plan: The Benefits

    Like other insurance plans offered by CIGNA, the HealthFirst Elite Medical Plan has the best hospitalization and surgical benefits as well. Here is the coverage that you can take advantage when you have this plan.

    • Cover for hospital benefits for different medical expenses.
    • Basic needs are covered which includes hospital rooms, surgery room, the fee for attending physician or specialists, and intensive care needs. It also covers private nursing charges as well as any cancer treatments and dialysis for the kidney. If psychiatric inpatient treatment is needed, it is also covered by this plan.
    • For daily expenses in the hospital, you will be given HK $2,000 in cash. This can also be used during a compulsory quarantine for any Notifiable Infectious Diseases.
    • Medical appliances that will be needed which includes pacemakers, prosthetic ligaments, and even metallic or artificial joints.
    • The chosen extended benefits can cover charges before admission and discharge charges like outpatient expenses. If you need traditional Chinese medicine or home nursing expenses, it will also be covered by this plan.

    The Exclusive Privileges from CIGNA

    CIGNA offers a 10% discount on your premiums for the first year. Spouse discounts of 20% are also offered if you and your spouse are enrolled in the HealthFirst Elite Medical Plan. When you enroll your children who are 18 years old and below, you get to take advantage of the children’s discount of 60% on the first year and another 50% on the succeeding years until they reach 18 years old.

    The Complimentary Benefits from CIGNA

    When you enroll in this plan from CIGNA, you will be entitled to FREE annual health checkups. They have a Healthcare Concierge Service all around Hong Kong who can let you access the best medical services. You can also get a Second Medical Opinion Service that you can access through their worldwide medical network to help you make better decisions.   

    Cashless Hospitalization

    When you are enrolled to CIGNA, you can be admitted to any private hospitals or get medical treatment without needing to provide a deposit before admission. You can choose from the 7,000 hospitals by just filling up a form for pre-approval. Once you obtain a Guarantee of Payment Letter, you can then be admitted right away.

    We need to remember to always put our health on top of our priorities. No one else can help us in times that we would need to seek medical help. The only way that you can make sure that you are secured is if you are insured.

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