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    Drones: the new Caribbean lifestyle

    Drones in the Caribbean are becoming an inevitable reality. The Caribbean is experiencing concerns and opportunities in the tourism drones. Rchelicop.com suggested his readers travel with a drone have been an "epic way to catalog ... summer exploits" and was "much cooler than taking selfies, and it was the best way to capture a Caribbean visit Beaches". , Essential to this observation are also findings that many of the Caribbean islands are unwilling to rely on for the technology of drones, citing that there are very few rules or licenses governing recreational activities, business opportunities, import, safety or the privacy of others.

    Barbados has launched airfields to regulate recreational use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

    In an article entitled on their website "Drones and Caribbean Tourism", the Caribbean Council said, "Barbados has recently said it is to regulate all rules and procedures of import verification and use of technology drones, although restricted sports flying UAVs four designated areas of the country and requires an operating permit. "

    Apart from that, there are sporadic indefinite settlements throughout the Caribbean and even the level of countries like Nicaragua, which established a complete ban on the use of UAVs in their country.

    St. Maarten (Soualiga), the Department of Civil Aviation, Shipping and Maritime Affairs assesses all types of requests for UAVs, people or potential businesses to be given the opportunity to obtain a business license to operate a business drone. One of these companies in St. Maarten is called Eagle Eye Drone Services (SSDs), which offers opportunities for private and commercial virtual reality ads, special events and wedding coverage, inspection bursts and power lines, mapping and surveying, search and rescue drone operations also facilitate agricultural assessments.

    If we look at the statistics and areas affected by drone technology, it will be hard for us to know why the Caribbean island states are not more involved in the industry. It is estimated that the market impact of civilian drone industries will be worth up to $ 10 billion in areas such as private security, law enforcement, real estate, media, film, construction, mining, agriculture and public services. The economic impact of commercial drones could reach $ 82 billion, giving the US economy a boost of 100,000 jobs. UU Until 2025

    A 2016 Fortune magazine article on under construction drones was opened with: "The $ 8.5 Billion Global Construction Industry Is Not Known For Its Efficiency," And Describes The Billions Of Dollars Industrial Worth The Construction loses waste and excessive costs. However, the industry is ready for change and was at the forefront of introducing drones; Analysts estimate that the construction sector is driving one third or more of the drone industry's growth.

    Aircraft drones are flying objects that have become key figures in the modern military, technology, medical and business industries. Today, drones are used to provide reconnaissance services and to be delivery agents within the military world. In the world of technology, they are used to make innovative advances in research. Drones also become a key tool for medical care, trade and logistics. At the regional level, it is very important to us to understand the technology of drones and to know the crucial role that drones in the Caribbean can play and play in general from a commercial, medical, research and educational perspective and logistics.

    UAVs are used in the research industry in many different ways. For example, the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI) uses drones to collect humpback breath samples from the Stellwagen Bank Marine Reserve off the coast of Massachusetts. The institute said this was the first time that the difficult task of collecting breath samples from whales and taking aerial photographs of their bodies was carried out. The drones also help scientists to control the health of Antarctic mosses and provide clues to the pace of climate change. Moose are sensitive to minor changes in their living conditions, and scientists have traditionally traversed difficult terrain to gather data about them. Using specially designed drones is faster, more respectful of the environment, and provides detailed images that satellite imagery can not reach.

    In addition to Amazon and the prominent development of Google X for commercial delivery drones, Project Wing and Prime Air, drones are also being developed that can deliver wind and solar energy. Facebook is even working on a number of high altitude unmanned aerial vehicles that can cover the entire world with Wi-Fi Internet access. Nowadays, drones are used in various parts of the world to deliver medical material in hard-to-reach areas, and it is also believed that the drones also transport medically critical people with a "medevac buzz".

    Drones have become an essential part of our military, social and economic experience. as today mobile phones, televisions and vehicles. The drones are equipped with the ability to carry out important strategic tasks. Military around the world now use drones as espionage vehicles and militarized combat drones. In the early days of 1900, the British Royal Navy used unmanned aerial vehicles as decoys to be shot down by the enemy to determine the location of the enemy during World War I. And today, unmanned aircraft are being used by the US military to transport freight and destinations more than 14 hours away, bombing it with 100% accuracy.

    In terms of business, some of the companies that today use drones as an essential part of their business dynamics are listed here to understand which areas concern the drones: Flytrex, UPS, Animal Dynamics, Microsoft, The Dubai Highway and Transport Agency, BT , US Military, Amazon Prime Air, Qualcomm AT & T, DHL and Shell.

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