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    How to download Pokémon Go on Android

    Can you imagine traveling through your city to capture, in real scenarios, your own Pokémon? You do not have to imagine it anymore, Pokémon Go is a reality that is crazy both video game lovers and this animated series, becoming a rage for those seeking a fun experience that combines technology and virtual reality.

    Just download the game to your Android device to start enjoying all the adrenaline that it offers. However, the app only the public from the United States, Japan, Australia or New Zealand can find it in the Play Store, the rest of the users should use the APK and a little trick to get it now. If you want to know how to download Pokémon Go on Android keep reading, because in this article we explain it to you in great detail.
    Steps to follow:

    1   Pokémon Go is an application created by Niantic, currently available for Android and iOS, which combines GPS technology with augmented reality and the Pokémon world. By downloading it users can enjoy a unique experience: go around the city with your smartphone catching Pokémon, all thanks to the superposition of virtual images over the real ones.

    As in the past video games of the series, users can fight with their Pokémon, face battles with other users, buy accessories for their characters, etc. But the interesting thing about this app is that all this is done in the real world, a unique experience for fans of the series and video games.

    However, the app is not yet available for many regions, so to get it we must use a few simple tricks that will allow us to start living Pokémon Go fever in the blink of an eye.

    2    To download Pokémon Go on Android we must go to a third-party platform, because the app is not yet available for Spain or the rest of the Spanish-speaking countries.

    3   Next we will see all the results for the search, we must choose the first result, Pokémon Go , and press the Read More button . Then the system will take us to another screen with the specifications of the game, press the Download APK button to start the download.

    4   We must wait for the application to download and, once downloaded, we will have to pass it to our Android smartphone. To do this you must connect your mobile to your computer using a USB cable and follow these steps:
    • Copy the Pokémon Go APK download file
    • Locate it in the download folder of your mobile
    5   Because this app has not been downloaded from the Play Store, it will be necessary to make some changes to your mobile device to make it work properly on your Android smartphone.

    And it's very simple, you only need to go to Settings, then Security, and scroll down to the option Unknown sources or Unknown sources and activate this option. This will allow you to install any application that comes from a source other than the Play Store.

    6    Now that you have active permissions, you can install Pokémon Go on your Android without problems. To do this go to the downloads folder, where you saved the APK that you passed from your computer, and select Install.

    You already have your Pokémon go installed on Android! Now you only have to activate the GPS to start playing for your city and enjoy the augmented reality game that is causing furor. In the following steps we clarify some frequent doubts so that you are ready to give everything and have fun to the fullest.

    7   Take note of the steps you should take to start playing Pokémon Go.

    Create your user

    To start playing Pokémon Go, the first thing you should do is create your avatar, for this you can choose:
    • The gender of your avatar
    • Eye color
    • Hair color
    • T-shirt
    • The cap
    • The style of the backpack
    Once you're ready you can start playing by entering the Pokémon Go map.

    Find Pokémon

    As in the previous versions of the game, the first Pokémon that you must capture must be one of the following: Bulbasaur, Charm Ander or Squirtle, once you have captured one of them the other two will disappear. To achieve this you will have to face your first challenge: throw a Poke ball at your Pokémon, which of course will not stand waiting but will make it difficult for you.

    The power and direction of your launch will depend on how you move your finger on the screen of your mobile. Once you have captured your first Pokémon, your user will be transported to a general map where you can see all the Pokémon present in the vicinity. Depending on where you are at the moment you can find certain types of figures, for example if you are near a water source you will find water Pokémon’s, if you do it at night you will find different figures from the day, etc.

    As you progress through the game you will learn which are the strongest and most difficult to capture. Pokémon’s can be trained and fight against others in the Poke Gym.

    How to earn money

    To accumulate more Poke Coins you can perform certain activities such as:
    • Capture many Pokémon’s
    • Train your Pokémon in the Poke Gym
    • Develop your Pokémon
    • Win battles

    8   If you want to play properly, you must collect certain items that will help you become a Poke master. You can find them in any Poke Stop or within the app itself in exchange for Poke Coins. These items are:

    • Poke Balls: they are indispensable for any Poke Master because they are the object that you will use to capture the Pokémon’s. When you start the game you will have 50 free balls, but you know you can get more at the stops and also at the store, where you can buy them in packages of 20 (11 Poke Coins), 100 (460 Poke Coins) and 200 (800 Poke Coins).
    • Incense: is used to find more Pokémon that are hiding and also to capture as many as possible for 30 minutes. When you install the game will have 2 incense, however you can also buy them in the store for 80 Poke Coins each.
    • Lucky Eggs or lucky eggs: you will only be able to find them in certain Poke Stops and you will have to place them in an incubator so that they become a Pokémon.
    • Lure Module: has a similar function to incense, attracting the Pokémon to the stops, the difference is that it is much more effective getting all the Pokémon in the area are visible to any user.
    • Backpack: you will start with a backpack with a capacity for 350 items without including the Pokémon’s, once you fill it you can increase its size in the store to store 50 more items.
    • Potions: they will help you to cure your Pokémon after the battle, there are many types of positions that will be unlocked when you reach certain levels, although when you reach level 5 you will be able to acquire them in the store.
    • Revive or resuscitate: in a battle your Pokémon could die, but if you have this article you will be able to revive it and make it recover.
    • Razz Berries: they are very useful when you try to capture a wild Pokémon, helping it to be much easier to get with it.

    9   The battles between Pokémon develop in the Poke Gyms, which you can only access when you reach level 5. When you get it, you must choose between 3 teams:

    • Team Mystic, which is blue and is led by Blanche.
    • Team Instinct, which is yellow and its leader is Spark
    • Team Valor, the red led by Candela.
    Like the stops, you will find gyms in your area where you can train your Pokémon fighting against members of your own team, or face battles with other users. In any case you should know that the Pokémon you choose to be in the gym will remain in this location until it is challenged by another, so the higher the level of the Pokémon you choose for this task the easier it is to win the fight.

    Now you know everything about Pokémon Go! What are you waiting to start playing?

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    Article Source:Tape Daily

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