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    I started my own blog but it didn’t work.. Why?

    Nowadays blogging is booming the market and most of the users are looking forward to setting up a blog to explore or share their ideas of respective fields.  Experts have analysed the opportunities that will be beneficial and help to earn from blogs. But in reality, blogging is not an easy task, what exactly we think because writing online is completely different than what we write offline or we can say what we write in a book. However, this requires knowledge of the targeted industry, hard work, patience, reading, etc.   

    But in some cases even after a lot of research, you fail to meet the requirements and this leads to close down your blog or you quit blogging. This article will help you to know what effective measures you need to take to continue blogging successfully.  

    1) Set a Goal:-

    First and foremost task is to set a goal while creating a blog. Select your interested niche and what type of blog you are looking to have? Like for e.g., a blog consists of the updates related to movies or the rating site of movies, a blog covering all the themes and plugins of any CMS or digital marketing blog, etc.  Carefully examines the name, layout and approach before making live your blog. Most of the bloggers fail to understand this because they start with a cooking theme and post cooking related topics and but later they start adding entertainment related topics. However, this will distract the users and take away potential user traffic from your blog.

     2) Looking for overnight success:- 

    Being a blogger, I have learned one thing that blogging does not give you overnight success.  Most of the bloggers fail to know this truth and that is the main reason for failure. However, it is very true that we all look for fast growth in our career and that is why sometimes we opt for shortcuts. If you are thinking to start a blog and writing anything will bring you success, then my friend you are on the wrong track!! As per my experiences, blogging needs one and half year to get proper traffic, recognition and success.  In short, I can say that you need to keep patience and wait for the right time.

    3) You only think about money:- 

    Making money is an ultimate aim of every business owner. But blogging is a continuous process, nothing is immediate nor easy. If you are posting on a regular basis and following a good pattern of blogging then it is assumed that you can generate the good amount of profit from it. However, selecting your niche and focusing on it is the best way to gain contacts in the respective field. In short, being a differential, you can build good relationships with other brands and popular bloggers. This will lead to gaining money and contacts in your niche and blogging industry. It is suggested that do not give up until you have tried for at least one year.  

     4) You didn’t invest in your domain:-

    Hosting and domain are main elements in the blogging, but it is often neglected by the bloggers. It is very important to get your own domain name along with hosting.  Examine the Best cheap Wordpress hosting and get your own registered domain and hosting.  However, buying a domain always increases your credibility. Therefore, it is essential to invest.

    5) Is the layout really awesome? 

    The main motive behind designing a user-friendly website or blog is that users can browse your website easily and smoothly. If your website visibility is not good, then it will de-motivate the users and can take away potential readers from the site.  Try to make a pleasing layout of the site and check multiple themes before finalising for your website.  In short, get a responsive layout that will attract your users and search engine. Additionally, if you are not aware of technical aspect then avoid hiring a designer and opt for minimalist themes.

    6) Does your post have quality? Do you really think?

    A website that update quality content is given first priority by the Google. Quality content means no grammatical errors, content with the in-depth explanation, awesome reading count, etc by doing this you have a halfway achieved your blogging work. It is not a good sign when a user starts reading your article and leave in between due to errors.

     Now,  after reading such points you must have got a clear idea, why blogs do not do well as per the expectations.  Have you experienced any hard phase during your blogging career? Do share your thoughts below in the comment section.

    Author bio

    Ekta Tripathi:- A passionate Digital Marketing Expert and Content Writer working with MilesWeb. Writing is like oxygen for me and I am passionate about writing blogs related to information technology. In my free time, I love to watch news channels, hang around social networking sites. If you are interested in knowing more about cloud hosting then visit: Cloud service providers

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