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    Planning a pocket friendly stopover at Hyderabad

    Thinking of dropping by at Hyderabad anytime soon? Will you be staying there for just a couple of hours? Well it so happens that more often than not when going on a long tour which take stopovers at metropolitans. When it comes to planning a tour one of the most important points of consideration is the money. Now it so happens that most of the time, in order to make the most of the stopover, we end up spending a lot of money than we ideally should.
    Well if you are looking for ways to check the expenses, then there are several options that you can employ. Check these out:
    1. One of the most ideal way to save money if you are stopping over at Hyderabad for a few hours is to book the right hotel. Instead of opting for a hotel which offers room only on a 24 hour basis, you can always go for hourly hotels in Hyderabad. You can book the rooms here on an hourly basis. That is if you will need to stay for 4 hours, you can book the room for 4 hours, if more then you can book for more. You will be charged for the number of hours you will be staying and hence this will help you to save up a lot of money.
    2. In case of stopovers particularly, there is always a dilly dally with the check in time. Most of the time tourists arrive early and have nowhere to go and roam about the city in cabs or sit at a restaurant and end up spending money. In order to save yourself from this call the hotel where you will be staying and arrange for a flexible check in time. Hotels giving room on a hourly basis will be good for consideration since these generally do not have any fixed check in and checkout times.
    3. Do not spend much money on food. You should always eat light when travelling and hence keep a check on what you eat. Try out franchises that you know and have eaten from before. It is best not to fall sick by having street food right at the beginning of your journey. So keep the food light and less so that you can save some money there. Carry dry fruits, cakes and biscuits with you, which will also go a long way in saving money.
    4. Save cost on travelling. If you are planning on visiting some points of interest in the city then cover them on the way to the hotel or visit the ones which are near the place where you will put up. This will help in saving both time and money.
    5. And last but not the least avoid little expenses, like buying this and that for the sake of it. Do not buy anything that you might need and that will help you in keeping a check on your expenses.
    So, these are some of the most practical ways to enjoy a cost effective stopover at Hyderabad. Keep these points in mind!

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