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    Top 4 Car Diagnostic Software in 2018

    Although most modern cars today have a fixed car computer, the alerts that these computers make are sometimes not specific. This is the reason why it is recommended that you should be alerted to what’s happening inside your car using car diagnostic software. This software can read and understand car computer codes like a trained mechanics.

    The automotive sector is growing tremendously and it has attracted quite a huge number of investors. A well-designed car will help to adjust its productivity by cutting down gas use, give alternative routes, so as to avoid traffic and bad weather conditions, detect faults in the car’s engine and gather data to organize lower insurance costs.

    Most vehicles come with fitted diagnostics or sometimes known as onboard diagnostics or OBD2 port, that makes data available from the engine control unit (ECU). To retrieve data about the car general health, you just attach an external gadget. A car owner can purchase diagnostic software that will allow connection of PCs to the ODB system in the car; however, it requires one to have the necessary repair know-how.

    This article has highlighted 6 best automotive diagnostic software solutions that offer a simple and suitable way to keep track your car's health. You may also read UberXL.

    1. TOAD Scanning solution
    Toad is among the best OBD solutions available today. This tool enables car owners or drivers to execute a complete and thorough inspection in a car. This tool displays the state of your car’s system in form of customizable graphs which makes it likely for you to fix all the possible glitches that may come up. The most remarkable feature that makes this tool a top-rated is the ability to adjust and reprogram your car engine control unit (ECU) chip information.

    This tool also has some other essential features such as diagnosing mutual glitches, optimizing gas consumption, detecting and solving numerous glitches without a trained mechanic, displaying your car’s carbon dioxide discharges.

    Other important features include: diagnosing common problems, optimizing fuel consumption, showing and fixing many problems without a professional mechanic, revealing your car’s CO2 emissions.

    2. On-Board Diagnostic or ODB Auto Doctor
    This tool works well with cars that consume both diesel and gasoline. This tool can be used on a variety of platforms such as on Windows, Mac OS X as well as Linux machines and Android and Windows phones. This tool provides car owners with an opportunity to observe and re-tune the alert codes.

    3. AutoEnginuity’s ScanTool
    Do you use a Windows-based machine? AutoEnginuity ScanTool is your powerful automotive diagnostic solution. This tool is a highly rated solution with greater coverage options for 52 car manufactures. This tool is an easy to use solution and its interface is also easy to navigate.

    4. ProScan
    ProScan is believed to be compatible with PC-based ODB scanner. This tool comes with a combination of hardware and software and is packed with all essential cables, equipment, and software to convert any machine into an OBD2 code interpreter.

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