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    An Overview of Delicious Indian Breads

    Indian breads are famous for their fluffy, soft texture that go and melt in the mouth. They have a wide variety. There are flat breads, crepes, etc., and they are essential part of each meal. The preference for a certain type of bread changes with regions and cultures and food habits. With the diverse Indian cuisine the breads are also prepared diversely. Their ingredients, tastes, texture all differ as they reflect the diversity of Indian subcontinent.
    In northern India, the various ingredients used are milled flour i.e., wheat commonly known as Atta or Maida. They are kneaded with water and dough is made. Sometime salt, ajwain andmangrela are added to make parathas. There are certain types of parathas which are prepared by stuffing potatoes, onions or a mixture of veggies, paneer, dry fruits and many more elements. These stuffed parathas are loved in northernIndia. While in preparation of a different variety i.e. Kachori or poori, the dough is prepared by also adding ghee or refined oil while kneading to get a crunch. The dough is then flattened and cooked on pan with ghee and butter.

    While in certain other places in India like Maharashtra or Karnataka, breads are prepared by grains like jowar, ragi, a finger millet, bajra, and much more.

    When you move down towards South India, taste preference there is of rice rotis, ragirotis, and a totally different type of breads such as Appam, uttapam, Dosa, etc. The ingredient they mostly prepare their breads with us rice and urad dal (also known as black lentils).

    Certain Indian breads are prepared with freshly kneaded dough while the southern Indian breads and tandoori roti are prepared by using yeast spores in the atmosphere for fermentation and letting them sit for a while.

    Types of Indian Breads:
    • The north Indian breads like rotis, kulcha, chapati, etc. are prepared by baking on a tava. These are prepared by placing small balls of the dough on a griddle made from aluminum, steel or cast iron and flattened with rolling pins.
    • Puri or Kachori are similarly prepared but smaller balls are taken from the dough. Their dough are also different as they are kneaded with small amount of water and oil/ butter. Tgey are not baked instead are deep fried in oil.
    • The South Indian breads are prepared with a batter which is madeof rice and urad dal (black lentils). They are soaked in water and are allowed to ferment. When the atmospheric yeast spores act on them and they get fermented they are grinded and a thick batter is formed. This batter is ladled on a hot skillet which is greased with oil or butter. Small amount of this batter is spread in a circle in the skillet and fried till they turn brown. These rotis are prepared very thin and crunchy. Dosa is usually rolled and filled with mashed potatoes, veggies, and various new varieties are now being added.
    • Western Breads are mad from bajra, ragi, and also wheat. These cereals or grains are milled and fine powder in prepared. This powder is thenkneaded with water into smooth dough. They are turned into small balls which flattenedwith hands or flat plate and surface.
    • Naan/Tandoori Roti: These rotis are special dishes which are common in Punjab region. While they are loved throughout India but isn't prepared at home generally. They are favourite bread in special occasions, ceremonies, or in restaurants.
    Other famous breads are Chapati, Thepla, Bhatoora, Luchi, PuranPoli, etc.

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