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    Certain Etiquettes for Gift Basket

    Gift baskets currently have become trendy, delightful, and fun alternative to chocolates or flowers. After all, no one can resist such lavish and thoughtful basket that are filled with goodies. There are a lot of options available with gift baskets such as chocolates, flowers, cheese and crackers, tea, cookies, meats, wine, cocoa, coffee, fruits, dry fruits, cosmetics, etc. You can also combine several items and create your own basket with all necessities. But what’s important is that you select gift basket by keeping the recipient in mind, as the setting where the gift basket is presented is very much required to be considered.

    Here is mentioned everything that you should know before giving any gift basket, whether it is given as thank you or appreciation towards client or as condolence to your friend.

    1. A gift basket should be chosen as per the occasion or event. For instance, a wine basket could be appropriate for anniversary or wedding, and similarly a sympathy fruit basket is presented to condolences so as to cope with loss and grief.

    1. You must consider what the recipient’s preferences are, as the gift should reflect the personality of the receiver. For example, coffee basket could be perfect for mothers and golf basket for fathers. If it is a group basket then opt for some traditional contents which have broad appeal like chocolates, flowers, fruits, and assorted basket.

    1. Gift basket should be as such which helps emulate relation with the receiver of it, whether it be the platonic, romantic, or business relation. For instance, on Valentine’s Day you can gift your partner a flower and chocolate filled gift basket, to show your affection towards them.Also you must take in consideration if the recipient of the basket has any specific dietary restrictions or allergy of any form.

    1. When selecting a gift basket is to make use of your judgment. Where personalized beer or wine gift basket would be best for the loyal client, while giving a spa basket would be misconstrued by the assistant. Also while gifting anyone alcohol it should be made sure that the recipient doesn’t have any religious or diet limitations with consumption of alcohol.

    1. Giving gift in business world is actually a big business, as it strengthens the relation between the associates and business partners.Many of the companies prefer to give gifts when there is any seasonal holiday, such as corporate fruit basket or corporate wine basket and so on. Such gift baskets are also helpful in improving team morale, as the company shows the employees an appreciation for their hard work.

    Before sending a gift basket, make sure you check with the residential or office reception such as hospital, school, funeral home, etc. as to if they will accept the basket prior. As many have certain policy for accepting gift, so all such scenarios should be first taken care of. So in general, good judgment and common sense will help in avoiding any faux pas with gift basket.

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