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    Popular chicken dishes of India

    Chicken dishes when it comes to India are mostly loaded with spices. This is the most common cuisine which has a recipe in every state of India and each taste different from the other. Each chicken dish has its unique flavour, and yes, mostly all of them are a treat to the taste buds.

    If you are looking for chicken gravy recipe, then you will get a lot of recipe ideas from online or from cook books. You can pick one according to your taste and try to make them at home. Before that you should know the famous chicken dishes of India which you must try at least once.

    Chicken Kolhapuri

    This one is a very bold and spicy dish from Kolhapur which is a city in the state of Maharashtra. This curry has a lot of aromatic ingredients and the flavours mostly smell of southern parts of India. This dish is very famous in Maharashtra for its spicy quotient. But be careful, this is heavily spiced and are not for the faint hearted. While cooking this dish, one uses a lot of red chillies, salt, yogurt and ginger garlic paste. People also add a dash of lemon juice while preparing this.

    Chicken Vindaloo
    When you hear the word ‘vindaloo’ you know the dish has its origin in Goa. This one is also a Maharashtra dish as it comes from the kitchen of the beach heaven that is Goa. this is a traditional dish there and it is definitely hot and spicy. The most important ingredients added while cooking this dish are brown sugar, coconut vinegar, mustard seeds, ginger, garlic and turmeric. This chilli and vinegar infused gravy has a lot of influence of Portuguese style of cooking. This one is mainly served with paratha, naan or chapatti.

    Chicken Trivandrum
    This one arrives from the land of Kerala and it has a simple recipe so that anyone can try and make it at home. Kerala is a land of coconuts and that is why; this dish also has a use of coconut in it. Kerala also produces major spices in India and so most of the dishes they make there are spicy. They use a lot of red chilles, garlic and ginger in this chicken dish.

    Chettinad Chicken
    This is a very popular chicken dish from Tamil Nadu and while cooking this, one uses a lot of spices. Here the chicken is marinated for an hour with turmeric powder, lemon juice and chilli powder. Then it is cooked well with authentic south Indian spices.

    Chicken Hyderabadi

    This is a delicious dish from Andhra Pradesh. One can make them with authentic spices and the taste is definitely unique.

    Chicken Rezala
    When you come to Bengal, this dish will take your heart away. It is a curry made from chicken, curd, ghee and flour. Though this dish is mainly prepared during festivals like Ramadan and Eid, one can taste this at restaurants any tome of the year.

    You can also prepare plain chicken curry at home.

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