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    Small makeover with some easy tip to enhance the bathroom decor

    With a little planning and some of the inspirational bathroom decor ideas can change the entire look of your bathroom. Though the bathroom is not that very important room of your house, but getting an even praise for the entire house from your guest is what is considered to be meaningful. Thus, it becomes very important to follow some of the modern bathroom decor in India ideas and tricks so that a small area of the bathroom can be redesigned and redecorated with luxury.

    Opt for floating vanities- Leaving some open space between the floor and the vanity makes the room airy and neat. One can use floating vanities for placing and fixing the sink in between or even using them as storage boxes for keeping the toiletries. Not only this, floating storage spaces make it very easy to clean the floor without getting any dust particles being assembled at one place.

    Go with beautiful tile accents- Upgrading or redecorating bathroom with affordable and fantastic idea is to add glamour and bit of sparkle to it by fixing the glass mosaic tiles which even makes the room bright. These tiles are easily available and are considered to be the best for remodeling the entire decor of the bathroom.

    Fix a glass shower room- In order to divide the space for taking bath in the bathroom, no more use of shower curtains are being seen. This has been taken over by the shower glass which is frameless and is even liked by every age group. These are easy to use and require very less maintenance too.

    Modern towel bars- In order to get the things organized in the washroom, it is very important to have the towels placed right on the shelf or the towel bar that even makes them look neat. There are different styles of towel rods available which can be fixed as per choice and in match to the bathroom decor.

    Go with beautiful storage solutions- The organization of the toilet stuff is not only completed with installing a towel rod but requires something more than that. In order to take the bathroom to the next level, it should not be overcrowded and overloaded with cosmetics and other grooming products. All these things must be placed nicely in the cabinet in the wall.

    Kick up the color- Bringing boldness to the room it is important to go with bright and dark colors. In order to make your bathroom a big statement and to demonstrate luxury, the natural light with a combination of some bold colors will do the needful.

    Considering all the above points will ensure you to have the best smallest room in your house to be the boldest and the most designer room. Take the help from the best designers so that smallest of the detail is not left behind creating a wrong impact and leaving your bathroom look incomplete.

    No matter how small is your bathroom, by simply gutting and replacing the fixtures from traditional to modern will give your bathroom a trendy look.

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