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    The Day of Love-Valentine’s Day

    Valentine’s Day is the festival that celebrates admiration, friendship, and romantic love every year. It is celebrated on 14th of February, where people send in lovely messages of affection and love to their family, friends, and partners. For couples this is one special day, where they celebrate each other’s bond and relation with showing love and affection, with spending time together, getting each other gifts, and honoring their love.

    So send Valentine gifts to Pakistan with the help of online ordering, that has made it easy to show care and affection even when your miles apart. It is a special occasion, where many people believe in it, and it’s not that every day isn’t special. But this day is celebrated worldwide, and in today’s fast revolving world you may not be able to take as much time as possible for your loved one, so on this day you can specifically be there with them.

    A little history to Valentine’s Day:

    Valentine’s Day is actually named after one of the Catholic Priest called Saint Valentine, around 3rd Century in Rome. There are various stories related to St. Valentine, which grew over time into the very legend we know of today. During that time, many of the Romans were being converted to Christianity, where Emperor Claudius II actually was pagan, who had strict laws as to what Christians should be permitted to do and what not. One of such rule by Claudius, was that the soldiers shouldn’t get married as per the law passed, and stay completely devoted towards Rome. Although St. Valentine, was marrying such soldiers in secrecy with Christian ceremonies. This was the very beginning which showed how much he believed and valued love.

    But this eventually came to light, and St. Valentine has been imprisoned for this. During this time, he showed care and affection for the fellow prisoners as well as for jailor’s daughter who was blind. It has been said by legends that he cured this girl’s blindness. Before execution, his final act included a love message written in letter by him to the girl, signed with “your Valentine.” He was then executed in 270 years on 14th of February.

    But this day had been proclaimed as the Valentine’s Day almost after 200 years. During this time around Chaucer a poet, linked St. Valentine along with romance and love. After which this began to be a tradition of expressing admiration and love, and this custom got spread among Europe, then onwards, this day is celebrated annually worldwide.

    In Modern Times:

    This day is celebrated in several ways worldwide, where there is no specific ritual or tradition. It is not just for couples, but is celebrated by everyone, where love, care, and affection is showered on family, friends, children, and partners. Now-a-days, there are various ways to celebrate this day such as writing a love message on cards, sending flowers, gifts, chocolates, hampers, one-day outing, a mini vacation, luxury stay, dinner date, spending time with each other, etc. So whatever way you opt to celebrate, the important part is to celebrate it and express your love and send Valentine gift to Pakistan or to any other country. 

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