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    Top 5 Timeless Jewelry Designs

    Jewelry is the ultimate wardrobe staple. You might be going on a date, out with friends or simply enjoying coffee at your favorite place, and want to look pulled-together doing it. Investing in timeless jewelry you can mix and match with other pieces for years to come will help tie your wardrobe together. Below are the top 5 timeless jewelry designs.


    Whether you’re wearing a gold chain, small hoop earrings or stacked rings on your finger, gold always adds a timeless and stylish element to any look. It can be done up, or played down, but you just exude grace and class when wearing it. A popular metal for engagements rings, a classic look for watches, and some of the most beautiful necklaces are made from gold. And, you don’t just have to settle for yellow gold. While it is the standard idea of what gold is, many jewelry pieces have white gold and the rising popularity of rose gold has made this timeless item even more trendy than ever.

    Charm Bracelets

    Charm bracelets offer a timeless look while being able to showcase your style and what is important to you. While many brands sell these looks, the most noticeable and classic look comes from Pandora, who have cornered the market with charm bracelets that are not only beautiful and elegant, but also don’t weigh down your wrist with heavy beads and trinkets. They look great on anyone and everyone, and give you a chance to really show off what matters most to you with these customizable bracelets.


    It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing pearl studs or a necklace. You can opt for the tradition smooth pearl look, or change it up with the missmatched baroque pearl style. Either way, you’ve got a timeless and elegant look that has been worn throughout the decades by women like Marilyn Monroe, the Queen of England and Coco Chanel. While pearls can be expensive, there are tons of options when buying them to still have that timeless look without breaking the bank. Look for freshwater pearls, white jade or mother-of-pearl instead of saltwater to feel to still capture that timeless look.


    With the time right at our fingertips on our phones, people have forgotten the elegant look that a watch can bring to an ensemble. Whether the band is metal or leather, watches are a functional and beautiful piece that add just a bit elegance on the wrist without being cumbersome. Many watches for women are made to transition from day to night, and can really be that final accessory piece you’ve been looking for.


    What list would be complete without diamonds! They are classic, sparkling and a beautiful main piece of jewelry. Diamonds really are forever and go with any outfit, making diamond jewelry worth the price. You’ll only have to buy a set of diamond earrings or a necklace once. And, you won’t find anything more elegant or timeless than a diamond engagement ring.

    These are the top five timeless jewelry looks, but they don’t have to be worn separately! Try finding pieces that incorporate some of the designs together like a diamond ring with a gold band, or pearls for your charm bracelet. Wear any of these alone for a simple look, or jazz them up with costume jewelry for a fun night to show off your style. Visit us at http://www.mitchumjewelers.com/ for all of your jewelry needs.

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