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    Why angioplasty is needed

    Angioplasty is something which a doctor performs by opening the blood vessels in the human heart which can supply sufficient blood to the heart muscles. These blood vessels are mainly known as the coronary arteries. When a person suffers from heart attacks, the doctors mainly decide on going for angioplasty.
    There are best angioplasty hospitals in India where one can decide on going for angioplasty post heart problems. In this surgery mostly a coronary artery stent is inserted as this stent helps in the blood flowing and saves the artery from narrowing again.
    It is said that if one can go for an angioplasty within the first hours after they suffer a heart attack then there is a very less chance of having the other. But if this is done after 24 hours is passed, then it might not provide them with proper benefits. The faster this treatment is done; the better is the chance of lowering the risk of heart failure and some other complications. Angioplasty can also relieve the symptoms of heart diseases if one hasn’t had a heart attack yet.
    How is angioplasty done?
    Well, this procedure is mainly done when one is under a local anaesthesia. The doctors make an incision in the arm or the groin. Then they insert a catheter along with an inflatable balloon to the end of the artery. After that, by using x ray videos and some special dyes the doctor guides the catheter up till the blocked artery. When it reaches the actual position the balloon is inflated to widen the artery and as a result all the plaques and the deposits are removed from the wall of the artery. This clears the blood flow. Sometimes, there is also a stainless steel mesh called the stent which is used. It helps to keep the blood vessel open and remain in exact place when the balloon is deflated and removed. The entire process may take an hour if the situation is not too complicated.
    The benefits of angioplasty after a heart attack
    According to many doctors and medical researchers, it can actually save lives. This is a very efficient way to get the blood flowing normally in the heart again. The faster you do it after having the heart attack the more beneficial it is. If you are having some chest pain or some shortness of breath then also it can be of great help. In fact, if this is done in the right time then one can also avoid the open heart bypass surgery which again needs a longer recovery time.
    What are the risks?
    Each and every medical procedure comes with a minimum amount of risk. There can be some allergic reactions due to anaesthesia and there can also be some bleeding of bruising at the place of insertion. Also some blood vessel can get damaged due to this.
    There are some top angioplasty hospitals in India where this procedure is done with utmost care and after treatment care is also provided.

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