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    Your guide to picking the best spring produce

    Eating seasonal spring veggies has many advantages, it’s better for the environment and also ensures you get a better quality of food. But knowing what to look for can be tricky. Luckily we’ve got a few tips to help you stay ahead of the curve.

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    This green crop sprouts up and grows in poly-tunnels in Europe all year round. However, in the springtime, you can find it in UK farmers' markets and health food stores. Look for soft, deep green leaves with little bruising and use it within a day of buying or after three days in the fridge.


    The classic superfood member of the onion family is a fully UK crop in springtime and goes great with new potatoes and egg dishes. Store them whole in the bottom drawer of the fridge and even once they start to split, they can still be fried.


    Although many people find them too hot, they are a traditional British product and one worth getting the taste for as they are rich in B vitamins and potassium. Again, they can easily live a week in the fridge. And if all this veg storage has you looking for more space, take a look at https://www.fridgefreezerdirect.co.uk/ and their commercial refrigeration supplies.

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    April to June is asparagus season and quite frankly, eating them outside of their season is a waste of time. These shoots need cold to develop their taste so polytunnels don’t help. To store them, wrap the ends in a damp paper towel and seal up the bunch in a paper bag. Alternatively, you can stand the stalks in a glass of water. Chop the woody ends off before using and remember to add a dollop of butter.

    Wild mushrooms

    These are truffles on a budget and available across the UK in late spring. If you’re a self-forager, you’ll know these are boom or bust, and storage is key. Just wipe off the dirt with a paper towel, cut them up and freeze them quickly. When you’re ready to cook them, throw them back in the pan still frozen to make sure they hold together.

    So there, you have it, a quick guide to spring eating and food storage. Now all you need are the recipes too.

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