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    Importance of personality testing for recruiters

    With an aim to hire best potential candidates, most recruiters are switching towards making use of personality assessment. The fact is that employers want to ensure that they do not have to waste time and money in hiring less potential applicant. Even if the selection has to be made from the list of referrals still information can play a vital part in making the section of the right candidate.

    Most recruiters in present time depend a lot on the set of information made available from these assessments. Some of the most effective testing systems can ensure that by selecting right candidate your productivity can increase by 48 percent, while your losses can be reduced by 20 percent. These assessment systems can be used by recruiters in different sectors from retails to banking or much more.
    One main benefit is that these assessment systems can be used for hiring candidates for various faculties within the organization from banking to retails or hospitals. Selected candidates via these systems are more likely to offer benefit to the organization.

    Why not cognitive systems alone?
    The moment you are performing cognitive testing you can collect information related to the speed of learning of an individual. The testing system is not designed to test an individual for interpersonal style, creativity, punctuality, integrity and customer service skills. These are the points that are usually covered under the personality assessment test. Apart from this personality assessment will also ensure that the candidate is tested for team work and pressure handling skills.

    Job performance on account of personality assessment
    The moment you are speaking of the personality, it will reflect the way an individual will work at the workplace- cooperatively, cheerfully, or diligently. It also reflects the manner in which an individual will approach his work at the work place and perform in the team work. Apart from this you may get to understand the way he will react with other clients and his fellow employees. It also reflects his work mood like unhappy, angry, stressed etc.

    Why using personality assessment is important?
    There certainly are a number of other ways that can be used as alternatives for personality assessment including screen candidates, interview sessions, CV check and background checks. It is also possible for you to take instant decisions when hiring any new recruit. But in that case you need to keep in mind that random decision using any of the method mentioned above will end you up with employees who are not potential for the long term.

    There are more chances that you may look around for new replacements very often. This is one of the reasons why more number of employees in present time try and make use of personality assessment. You may not need to look around for replacement for many years in the future.

    Apart from this, in the past when the system was not fully developed and tested, not many employers were aware of using it to their organization benefit. Apart from this, you can also ensure that when using this system, you can conduct a very fair selection procedure for the candidates.

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