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    Take the best assistance of marriage registration lawyers in Bangalore

    There are some top and well-known marriage registration lawyers in Bangalore that offers the legal consultancy for the court marriage and gives all couple around the excellent suggestions related to marriage. They have the Best Advocate for marriage registration in Bangalore that arranges whole wedding procedure along with the legal documents and then assist all of them in the complete process. They also offer a registration certificate at the earliest time. The chambers of Matrimonial law professionals guides well all people around over the subject as for how they can register their wedding.
    Well, a marriage that has been solemnized mutually can be easily registered under the Hindu Marriage Act 1955. It can also be registered under the act of special marriage 1954. The act of Hindu marriage is valid in the cases where the couples of Hindus, Jains, Buddhists, and Sikhs have also adopted the religions. The marriage gets registered under the act of special marriage 1954. Additionally, the marriage can also be solemnized between two persons under provisions of special marriage act 1954. The expert's lawyers that are called as the Best Advocate for marriage registration in Bangalore makes sure that all clients hold all essential documents.

    As soon as the marriage registration Bangalore authority cross check all documents and get them verified from different sources, the process of marriage registration reaches to end. These top authorities offer the marriage certificate and then declare marriage as approved legally. These top lawyers also welcome the newlywed couples for easy marriage registration for Bangalore. They include the experienced, knowledgeable and talented professionals that make sure for registering the marriage in short time at best rates. The easy and quick service certainly makes everyone feel content.

    You can consult them today and leave everything at rest. One can contact the marriage Registration lawyers in Bangalore today and apply for the marriage registration today. You can also mail documents to them and easily fix an appointment. Some of the essential documents which are needed for the court marriage under the special marriage ACT are,
    • Notice or application form signed and filled by bride & groom.
    • Documentary evidence of the date of birth of both the parties
    • Documentary evidence regarding the stay in the Delhi of one of the parties for around 30 days
    • Different affidavits from the groom and bride giving date of birth, present marital status, affirmation that parties are not related to one other within degree of the prohibited relationship defined in Special marriage act
    • Passport size photograph of both the parties, at least 3 copies which are duly attested by the Gazetted officer
    • Copy of the divorce order decree in case of the divorce and the death certificate of the spouse in case of the widow/widower
    • In case of foreign national, no objection certificate from concerned Embassy regarding her/his present status
    So what are you waiting for? If you are seeking out for the best help from these marriage registration lawyers in Bangalore, contact them today.

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