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    The miraculous change

    It has been a well known, thoroughly documented and experienced by many persons having various surgical or medical needs that India is the ideal destination for quality and low costs surgery and treatment.

    Many foreigners can vouch for this truth and also every one of them had found the cost of such surgeries or treatment just sky high in their country. Moreover there is a definite edge with relation to the level of expertise in that regards in the country. Now nose is an important part of your face and it shapes your personality and look.


    This surgery is of three types open, closed and revision types. In the first case the surgery is carried out in the skin that separates the nostrils,  the second type requires an incision to be made inside the nose and in the third case it is repetition process in case of necessity of any correction.  Now the sign of ideal beauty is the symmetry in your face and in any case nose affects that then this surgery may be required.

    Best in the world

    This type of surgery being cosmetic in nature provides a different aesthetic dimension when the help of best rhinoplasty in india is sought.  This type of surgery may be needed by someone who has deformed nose structure; also the celebrities sometimes resort to this surgery.

    It is also possible anyone may have genetic disease or problem or may be due to the occurrence of an accident  the nose has become crooked or bent. Such a surgery can provide your face a totally new and appealing look. As far as history goes it is said that in ancient time Shusrut regarded as the father of plastic surgery also performed such surgery in primitive way.

    The unique quality at low cost

    Today in fact India really leads in terms of low cost surgery of this kind and that is the reason that lot of foreigners come to this country for this purpose adding a bit to the foreign currency reserve. The related symptoms include severe breathing difficulty, snoring, change of the size of the nose, change in shape and finding the symmetry.

    The advanced techniques are followed in this country that is the reason it is said that it is the ultimate destination. There is no necessity to expend a huge amount elsewhere and the same time quality surgery may not be ensured. Basically this surgery involves application of general anesthesia and then the incision process has to be carried out.

    Short duration

    It is been observed post operation the packing inside the nose remains for seven days and the stitches performed outside are taken off in another seven days. Necessary medicines are given if required in case of any swelling and followed by light activities the person will be perfectly fit to resume his or her profession.

    The patients have to spend little more two days after the surgery and this is important because as long as you stay in the hospital the cost rises. In this country it is found that the tailor made treatment plans are made by panel of doctors and other technicians.

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