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    The most relished Indo-Chinese cuisine

    The name of this particular cuisine can bring that particular mouth smacking feeling for anyone across the world. Especially in this country this delicacy is a favourite dish that is a must to be relished in any occasion or may be on regular basis. This particular Indo-Chinese dish in this country is an adapted version according to the taste of the people.

    Today this particular or other Chinese dishes are an integral part of the culinary scenario. This cuisine in fact has originated in Kolkata only by the then Chinese community settled in the city initially engaged in the tannery jobs in the beginning of the twentieth century.

    Later two cultures came close in terms of different customs and especially with reference to different type of cuisines. There is variety of variants of this dish mainly prepared by boneless chicken and in few cases with chicken with bones. The hot, peppery, flavourful and the delicious experience linger on like a loving memory.

    The growing popularity
    Gradually the craze for this particular cuisine spread like viral fever across the country. Today you will find to your satisfaction that this much favoured dish is available in all the prominent and other noted restaurants in this country. Now even the other moderate restaurants and the road side eateries have included this dish in their menu card and in some cases there is more emphasis on Chinese cuisines than the Indian ones sold earlier.

    Today the particular preparation process is imitated to make other Indian vegetarian or non-vegetarian dishes. This cuisine has spread across the globe with the settlement of Indian people. You will notice in the various overseas eatery houses this particular dish is quite popular because the citizens of those countries started loving this delicious dish.

    The real craze
    Having a take on the health aspects this particular cuisine offers the right kind of low level of protein and consumption of this type of dish has a definite favourable control on the body weight. That is the reason in every respect chilli chicken is such a popular dish globally too. This particular dish really goes well with any types of noodles preparation or fried rice. This is the particular dish which is sort of trump card for number of restaurants.

    The taste of fusion dish
     You will also find in any party or an occasion the menu does include this cuisine born out of mixed cultural tradition. This dish is a perfect example of fusion cuisine if you compare with other types of such food. This particular dish is the trade mark of number of restaurants and it is a must have dish when you think about having Chinese food.

    It is your choice whether you will prefer to have the dry or the gravy version. For some people the boneless type preferred whereas for some they like the cuisine with bones. The delicate mixing of the spices and green vegetables along with the expertise of the chef makes any lunch or dinner memorable. You can imagine of the best candle light dinner with your loved ones when this steaming cuisine is served.

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