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    Types of Psychometric Tests

    A psychometric test is any assessment or activity conducted for evaluating a candidate’s performance during recruitment. These tests generally comprise of attitudes, personality traits, abilities, knowledge, skills, and academic/job potential.

    The Application Process

    Most job applicants have to go through an application process which consists of these elements:
    • Online application: It includes personal details and skills, answering questions related to the competency, uploading a CV, and taking certain specific psychometric tests.
    • More psychometric tests: Skills and aptitude tests are delivered online.
    • Interviews: It could be a Skype interview, phone interview, or a face-to-face interview in the company’s office.
    • Assessment day: It includes e-tray/in-tray exercises, group activities, role-playing scenarios, presentation/case study, verification tests, partner interviews, etc.
    Different Types of Tests
    Psychometric tests are mainly of three different types. They are skills tests, aptitude tests, and personality tests. All of them are discussed in detail below.

    Skills Tests
    Recruiters use skills tests for evaluating how well and quickly a candidate will be able to pick up a new skill to competency for carrying out the job at hand. Depending on the type of job the candidate is planning to secure, aptitude tests will include parts that assess the skills, such as a financial modelling task (for people applying to secure a quantitative role in finance) or basic web page designing (for people who want a job of a designer).

    Both skills and capability tests are evaluated using paper-based exercises that consist of multiple-choice questions. These questions are given in controlled exam conditions. Gradually, psychometric tests are being administered online with the help of specialist systems that takes away the need for a paper-based test.

    Aptitude Tests
    Aptitude tests help in assessing a general or specific set of skills, which highly depends on the type of job the candidate is applying for. Some of the categories found in aptitude tests are:
    • Numerical reasoning test: It helps in identifying how the candidate interprets data, which is given in combination with statistical and written information presented in charts, graphs, or reports. These tests can help in assessing basic mathematical skills as well.
    • Verbal reasoning test: It is used for determining the ability of evaluating detailed written information for making an informed decision.
    • Inductive reasoning test: It requires the job applicant to identify patterns or trends, particularly displayed in diagrams.
    • Diagrammatic reasoning test: It assesses the candidate’s logical reasoning with the help of diagrams and flowcharts.
    • Logical reasoning test: It is used to evaluate the skills of the candidate for reaching a conclusion. Some information may be provided to the candidate and asked to come up with a decision. They are also referred as deductive reasoning tests.
    • Error checking test: Assessing the ability of the client to identify errors quickly in complex sets of data like codes.
    Psychometric tests are extremely reliable when firms are looking for right candidates for the job and firm.

    Personality Tests
    Personality traits are analysed using these personality assessment test  to check the basic approach of the candidate towards the work. This helps recruiters know how well the individual will fit into the organization’s culture. The responses are usually cross-referenced with those of a successful manager or top-performing employee for evaluation.

    Psychometric tests are extremely popular in recruitments, and big firms highly rely on them in the recruitment process. 

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