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    A Healthy Diet is the Smartest Way to Lose Weight

    The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare states that fully two-thirds of adult Australians are obese or overweight. This includes 71% of men and 56% of women. For young people things are only slightly better. More than 20% of 2 to 4 year olds and more than 25% of 5 to 17 year olds are overweight or obese.

    In terms of the effects of this obesity, the incidences of diseases related directly to being overweight are rising steadily in Australia. More than 1/3rd of Australians have high blood pressure, and diseases including diabetes and heart disease are increasing.

    The reasons for these climbing statistics comes down to several factors that are occurring in the lives of Australians. But the primary reason is simple:

    Australians Eat too Much of the Wrong Foods

    Australians consume way more calories than they should on a daily basis. Part of the reason for this is an increased consumption of fast food that is less nutritionally dense, but more calorie rich than home cooked meals. The other reason is Australians eat food with too much fat.  
    The Australian lifestyle is one that has mirrored western societies around the world: longer working hours, a faster pace of life, less time to prepare home cooked meals and a dependence on the faith in others for delivering them good quality and calorie smart meals. The problem with this combination of factors is that it is the perfect design to create obesity.
    Eating healthy starts with you making the time to prepare your meals and having a full understanding of the ingredients in what you are eating. Today there is lots of information about what quality meals are and they all revolve around words like organic, home cooked, free range and grass fed.

    Eating Grass Fed Meat Can Help You Lose Weight

    Grass fed meat is widely considered the healthiest meat you can purchase. This meat comes from animals that were raised in high quality small farms and allowed to line their lives in environment typical to their species. For example, throughout their lives free range chickens were allowed to roam in large areas. They were also fed chicken feed and meal that does not contain antibiotics and growth hormones, which will then be transferred to humans when their meat is consumed. Ethical butchers sell a full range of grass-fed meat online with a goal of providing s superior meat product to customers.
    What is not discussed nearly enough is that the quality of grass fed meat is superior in both nutritional value, and in taste to meat from industrial farm animals. Better taste means that you family will like it more and eat want to eat at home more often. Grass fed meat also has less fat and fewer calories from fat. As mentioned above, more home cooked meals, means less calories and so serving grass fed meat can contribute to any weight loss program.  

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