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    Association of Samarth Program and BerojgariBhatta for Himachal Pradesh inhabitants

    Himachal Pradesh, an icy state is well-known for its glaciers, hills, freezing weather, ice springs. Most of the people from every corner of the world visit here to enjoy the naturalistic environments, ancient Buddhist temples, sip hot tea with instant stuffed parathas. This state is being the best tourist spot in India. Besides all these heavenly components, HP government provides a proper space for education and employment.

    Himachal Pradesh introduced “Samarth Program” to enhance the education standard in 15,000 elementary schools. It has been introduced as a part of a State-wide transformation program with the objective of detecting the problems, challenges and probing solutions to them.

    With the aid of the program, the Himachal Pradesh State Government reviewed over 5000 schools, visited around 11000 classrooms and monitored around 2.91 lakh students. While visiting each school, the reviewing offer assessed some parameters such as classroom observation, basic school infrastructure, school management, assessment results and fund utilization. It had been reported by a senior official from HP Educational department that review monitoring mechanism provided a huge platform for sharing the best practices in education with all government stakeholders who are ranging from teachers and block officers to the principal secretary of education.

    Previous Optical Mark Reading (OMR) is totally ruled off. Now every school visit is followed up with upcoming meetings based on digitized information at each district level. Well-performing schools and problem-oriented areas are identified. Discussions are held to find out the solution, implement the same instead of fault-finding.

    Last year, the Himachal Pradesh government embarked on-time distribution of free textbooks for all students across the state in order to eliminate the loss of teaching time due to the lack of textbooks. Around 6 lakh eligible candidates received over 55 lakh of textbooks from 15000 schools before the academic year commencement. Educational officials registered that despite bad weather condition, difficult landscape and two individual academic cycles, the state Himachal Pradesh became the first in the country in achieving the best results. In earlier years, teachers used to travel across the book depots throughout the districts to collect books for their schools.

    From 2017 onwards the block officials have been asked to collect books from depots to distribute them to students in order to save time, money and effort. A digital mechanism was introduced to collect, analysis and disseminate of demand for books, the senior official added.

    In the sector of GovtJobs in Himachal, the state has been taking various initiations.

    “HP BerojgariBhatta” is a scheme initiated by HP govt to aid the unemployed youth to get suitable HP govt jobs or the employment allowance. This scheme has been helping many senior  secondary/degree unemployed candidates. With the help of the scheme, every eligible individual has been getting 1000/- per month and for physically challenged candidates 1500/- per month has been paid.

    In order to get availed with the scheme benefit, the candidate
    • Men/women should be qualified 12th or above
    • The applicant should be registered with HP Employment Exchange
    • The annual family income should not exceed 2 lakhs
    • The age of the applicants must be 18-35 years

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