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    Human Diseases of Epidemiology of HPV?

    Along with the advancement, the attraction towards the outer world has increased and negligence in maintaining the personal care and hygiene has decreased. As much as it is important to have beautiful outer appearance, similarly it is important to have a more beautiful inner care. Various diseases that we catch from outside are less in number to those that we catch due to negligence towards our own body. These mostly occur in females, in especially those who are unaware of caring of their bodies mainly the private parts. Most commonly occurring these is HPV that is human papilloma virus.

    Various journals like fractal journal, nanotechnology journal and virology journal have published quite a lot about the same disease. This disease is common in the females who live in a poor socioeconomic condition and where sanitation is also poor. They are illiterate and are unaware about the importance of maintaining personal hygiene. This causes the residing of human papilloma virus in their body. It is a sexually transmitted disease also which occurs in the anorectal area. The disease also might occur due to sexual transmission. Most of the youngsters get it after indulging in the sexual activities.

    The disease is quite prevalent in today’s scenario and also causes problems like genital warts and various genital cancers. It can be acquired by having sex with someone either vaginal, anal or oral who is already having the virus present in his body. It is not necessary that the disease develops when you have more than one sexual partner but it can also develop when you have sex with only one person. It generally appears with small bumps shaped like a cauliflower in the genital area. This can surely cause various health problems in the future.

    The precautions thus must be taken and the people must be made aware about the vaccination. Before a person generally the female turns 18 and becomes sexually active, the vaccination can be done. The vaccination regarding this not prevalent among the people in the Indian society as it is quite expensive and not included in the immunization schedule give by WHO. Also, this is disease is mainly present in people living in poor sanitary conditions and they can hardly afford the expensive vaccinations. Also, this occurs in people who have lower immunity and are not able to fight against the entering virus.

    According to the statistical reports, it has been found that the disease is prevalent worldwide and can occur anywhere but the ones having sexual contact with more than one person and having poor private part hygiene are more susceptible to it. Therefore what is mandatory is the awareness that needs to be spread among the people regarding this. Girls needed to be encouraged and educated about getting vaccinated against the disease before hand. The more they will be educated, the more their families will be. Therefore, it’s high time that we give a break to this soon-to-be epidemic by vaccinating each and every girl child.

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