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    Internet is the new library

    “Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counsellors, and the most patient of teachers.” — says Charles William Eliot- hinting towards an undeniable fact. However, since the Internet revolution took us by storm in the early 1990s- our interactions ranging from as personal as emails and messaging and as public as shopping, newspapers and books- have all been modernised and in some form virtualized.

    The act of reading of-course has been revolutionized, but also somewhat simplified. Now each one of us is well acquainted with technology and its variants. So why limit this repertory of knowledge crammed in papers and mainstream marketing? Hence, this post essentially talks about how to promote one’s books online.

    E-books- future of reading

    Traditional book reading rituals had slowly been tossed out. The development of e-books have gradually and consistently extended the reach of literature to more and more book-lovers. A number of  book-enthusiast look forward for modern reading approaches, which not only satiates their hunger for reading but also helps them discover novel and unconventional creations that make an appearance in the virtual market. Hence, newbies as wells as well-known authors should consider the following websites and applications for the promotion of their books.

    Kindle, Amazon

    Boasting around 5.9 million E-books and numerous reader acquaintances, Kindle is a reading device, which has truly made wonders in the area of digital commercialization of books and literature. After getting selected, one’s book can be easily promoted on Kindle while also letting the author make a decent earning.


    Hosting a community for readers and budding writers, Wattpad, is one of the best online platform for book-fanatics. While having been said so, one must consider this platform for promotion of their book. Covering a range of genres, Wattpad, not only helps newcomers but also well-established writers in their quest of literature promotion. It is easily accessible through google play and can be installed free of cost.

    Getting social with promotions

    The ubiquitous and pervasive reach of social networking sites is manifold in its impact. However, we are not here to address its impact. This inescapable network of people, which we refer to as “social networking” is one of the leading proponent of digital marketing and yet little is known about it. Be it well-established writers or self-published authors, anyone can use these following commercial strategies in the socio-digital arena.

    Promotions with visuals

    It is a well-known fact, that Visuals are better retained in memory. Hence, a lot of posts on social networking sites are well-received and shared if accompanied with a visual or image. Always couple the book promotions with an image or cover image of the book to make the most of this form of promotion. While auto-sharing the link on various platforms saves time, however, sharing the post directly on different platforms with a new and unique caption always prove better.

    Say it with hashtags

    The pop instagram culture has conditioned us to write “#” before catchy captions without fail. However, our intent is always unmindful while plunging a hashtag on our posts. While captions and hashtags add a pinch of glamour to your uploads, but it is as serious a business as marketing. Hashtags before captions make posts more trending and searchable on the internet platform and, hence, make this form of promotion more successful.

    Get a Bit Chatty  

    Indirect promotions always do the task well, however, an informal rapport with people going through your creative production must be the essential follow up. Social Networking site such as Twitter allows you to reply to your audience in a much more cordial and unrestrained way, however, messaging people on sites such as Facebook might be too exhausting and also a bit intrusive, hence, one can always take up suggestions and queries via a Facebook page. A warm conversation is a much healthy way of promotion and getting more recipients for your creation.

     Marketing over shopping sites

    The growing business of shopping has proved beneficiary not only to the consumers. A huge chunk of individuals wanting to run their own business, find selling through online portals more convenient and profitable. This lucrative arena of buying and selling is quite extensive, and hence, offers a robust growth of businesses which are underrated in the mainstream.

    A number of shopping sites pop up while we are surfing the net. With this growing online economy, one can easily avail the benefits of marketing in the comfort of their homes. A published book can easily be put up for sale on shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Ebayetc, hence, enabling the author to get more audience and sales.

    Just as knowledge-ridden and deep as books are, a lot is accessible yet undiscovered in this large and gradually evolving virtual economy of Internet. Both combined together, is a world made possible by our own species. As Lady M. W. Montagu says “No entertainment is so cheap as reading, nor any pleasure so lasting”, one can easily use a number of facilities offered by internet to promote or avail literature and books. While Internet has already coloured every aspect of our lives, a number of marketing strategies can be put to use by the use of technologically advanced gadgets. Selling, promotion or buying is just under the slight press of your finger, as the emergence of smartphones have brought internet so much closer to our lives. However, a little bit of effort and mindfulness while getting a smartphone is an essential requirement. While number of brands come up in the markets every year, some of the most reliable with high end features remains to be brands like Sony, Panasonic India, Samsung etc.

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