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    How has the Joggers Trend Evolved Over the Past Few Years?

    Anyone even remotely aware of fashion will be aware of the revolution that men's clothing had gone through in the last few years. It doesn’t take an expert to observe the revolutionary changes in men's dress codes. Men's fashion has broken from the stereotypical masculinity and embraced a more metrosexual approach, catering at once to both fashion and comfort. While the sharp look of a suit will never go out of fashion, the appropriation of sportswear and its update, so to speak, has given men's casual clothing an unprecedented facelift. You can buy it here: https://www.gofynd.com/men/clothing/activewear/joggers Gone are the days of no trainers policies, andthe development of joggers and their incorporation into high fashion is exemplary of this change. Today if a pair of joggers is paired with a blazer or a coat, and a pair of dress shoes, you stand the risk of gaining appreciative looks rather than an eye roll.

    The history of this fundamental change in men's joggers can be traced through the following pointers:
    • The origins of running
    Running as a form of voluntary exercise emerged in Ancient Greece in association with the Olympic Games. With the reintroduction of the Olympics in the modem world in 1896, physical fitness came back to the forefront. Besides, there occurred a phenomenon commonly known as the ‘running boom' in the 1970s. Thiswas rather well captured in the Tom Hanks-starring movie, ‘Forrest Gump'. With running as a part of a cultural phenomenon, there was a need for comfortable pants for men to run in.
    • The classic jersey jogger
    To meet the demand for comfortable sportswear for men, ÉmileCamuset of French origin set up the world-renowned sportswear label Le Coq Sportif – which translates to “the athletic rooster”. With a few alterations regarding the cut and fabric, the classic Jersey jogger as we know, it came to exist.
    Like jeans before them and men's dress trousers, the joggers expanded to various other styles and cuts.
    • Smart joggers
    The sweatpant revolution was no longer restricted merely to the sports tracks but expanded to include style as well, as a part of the athleisuretrend. A customized, pointed leg with fine-gauged cotton that doesn’t droop at the knees seems to be the call of the day for the smart joggers’ requirements.
    • Sporty joggers
    The revolution is men's fashion has also resulted in the sufficient smartening up of sports gear as well. The baggy, billowy grey pants have been made to clean up their ownact for a keener, leaner appearance. The cuts have become flattering,and the search for the perfect fabric to promote comfortable work out is constantly on, with many innovations already in vogue.
    • Everyday joggers
    These pairs are characterized by unbeatable comfort and total versatility which is perfect for lounging in on a daily basis or to make overnight flights and travel easier. It has been predicted that the classic understated sweatpants will soon take the place of denim as the most comfortable legwear to men.
    • Lounge joggers
    The existence of this kind of joggers expose the intrinsic duality- while they are great to work out in, they aren’t half bad to spend a lazy day in as well. The joggers have therefore evolved to cater to the moods of men as well, providing the perfect wardrobe to spend a self-indulgent languorous day at home.

    The strict codes of tailoring in men's clothing have reached and eased out, sports wear has been smartened up,and due regard is given the comfort factor in fashion. The course that men’s fashion has taken therefore is a great one that will serve the male sex quite nicely in the future as well.

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